Tuesday, 8 April 2014


my i miss the ghost of electricity ever so much so i've gone and started again from the beginning... thank heavens it's all still there (do keep it safe dear davy). i thought it might be nice to bring some of the lovely things i found there back with me so we can all have another go on them and keep the ghosty warm... step inside loves...

sandy denny - no end


Monday, 7 April 2014

up and out

what i really want to do is sit by the window and watch the seedlings grow the two lots of tomatoes the peas the basil the nasturtiums all poking out in their pots now the sage still needing a bit more encouraging some growing songs played low but needs must and that whatever it is needs doing won't whatever it is needs doing with/to by it's self so rowdy me up lovely shirley and away we go...

shirley nanette - all of my life

available now at honest jon's and elsewhere

Friday, 4 April 2014

paradise gardens

here it's ducks on the roof crash landing eating me out of house and home then daredevil taking off again treat this place like a bleedin caff (which is fine by me) the first bats chasing the first bugs goldfinches greenfinches bulfinches blackcaps galore since the new niger/sunflower heart/black sunflower seed mix went up long tailed tits nesting in the bamboo parrots on the peanuts starlings in the bath woodpeckers on the buggy nibbles squirrels bouncing off of everything bounceoffable... soon it'll be grunting hedgehogs grunting up the night (which is fine by me)... and the magnolia is glorious and the peas are sprouting and the rocket is still rocketing like it has all year through... and we can't have spring without blossom...

blossom dearie - days of wine and roses

and what with missing a day let's have another...

quartette tres bien - days of wine and roses


Thursday, 3 April 2014

dig deep

still destroyed by that tom paxton dears my it really does get me cornball as it is and the blackbirds are doing their very finest from their very highest spots and the gulls are following the river and blimey hold really really tight here comes dolly...

dolly parton - the grass is blue


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

torment tuesday

gardening edition...

i've heard the news and it all sounds bad

but how i'd love a record of breezes...

tom paxton - whose garden was this 


Monday, 31 March 2014

a hard row to hoe

my double digging is a thing to behold you know... there's a certificate somewhere to prove it... how's about a week of gardening inspirations ? 


Friday, 28 March 2014


woke up this morning thinking about those suede thick crepe souled laceups all the dapper plaid shirted turned up levised argyle socked black and white genuine plukoed sorts trolled about the towns of my youth in and wandered where they'd gone and why i've not seen any for such a long while. the shoes not the sorts. i see them often thankfully. although come to think of it not the ones who favoured said footwear. hmmmmmm...


this has been hummed tunelessly as i've wandered...

jeanne hatfield - stop


i favoured a plimpsoll