Saturday, 30 July 2016

goodbye (she quietly says)

... and poooof she was gone

ta ever so for popping round dears... it's been fun...

let's go out with some magic...

the ascots - a few feet from the gutter


Monday, 25 July 2016

hello old thing

good grief we've not got far in nine blinkin' years here have we? this selection from almost when we started is still as near the sound of the whole shoddy thing as anything...

barbara lewis - hello stranger
the shangri la's - train from kansas city
barbara mason - world in crisis
johnny osbourne & the sensations - come back darlin
the seekers - georgy girl
love affair - everlasting love
judy street - what
alton ellis - can i change my mind
lorez alexander - send in the clowns
phyllis dillon - don't stay away
the jackson five - looking through the window
pat kelly - since you are gone
timi yuro - what's the matter baby


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

sleeve notes

right then...

13. a song not in the english language... the thing is i do like to know what folk are singing and what with not knowing any other flipping languages i'm buggered... so it's rhythms and intituition and ignorance...

14. a song from the 80s that would NEVER feature on 'Now That's What I Call The 80s'... oh if only if only... a million telstar forever bescrawlled hands flung in the air...

15. a song for a compilation entitled 'Seminal Songs For Modern Teenagers'... cos your modern youth still needs to know vile evils are vile evils

bonus songs...

joyce - clareana (visions of dawn version)

kalima - sparkle

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - what the world needs now


Thursday, 12 May 2016

sleeve notes

11. a song that you associate with your parents... orange cassette case i've still got with that orange juice peel session with holiday hymn on that long ago housed the soundtrack to stuck in traffic all the way days and days and days journeys to devon and cornwall and wales john denver carly simon tom paxton seekers searchers feliciano when my dad was teaching guitar and learning flamenco (stupid stupid hormone raging me spurning those skills)a bit of rod to placate our mother all on the portable cassette player devouring batteries wedged between the front seats denver always with that tear so close...

12. a song with an iconic sleeve... company sleeves always and that philips one wraps up so many of my favourite things this one the b-side of i will come to you a goddam strange choice of single amongst a whole bunch of strange choices of dusty singles sad bad choices for poor old dusty when you look at a list (go on have a look at a list)...

bonus songs...

jose feliciano - (there's) always something there to remind me 

dusty springfield - i will come to you


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

sleeve notes

gawd help us we'll finish these eventually... for anyone just passing by these are rattling on about the songs on my go at the cooking up a quiet storm 15 songs whatsit...

9. an original song from a film soundtrack... i've never seen across 110th street or superfly or shaft even for that matter...shaft in africa is bloody hilarious mainly ladies on a boat swooning 'oh my god' when your shaft gets his unmentionables out... are they films that come anywhere near to matching their soundtracks?

10. a song released by a solo artist better known for being part of a group... lani hall lani hall lani sergio veered off into brasil 77 lani went and made two follow ups to stillness which are oh unimaginably beautiful...carole king's own go is bloomin lovely but lani hall is lani hall...

bonus songs...

staple singers & curtis mayfield - let's do it again 

slim smith - everybody needs love


Monday, 9 May 2016