Monday 19 March 2007

no i won't tell the fuckers to dance kevin

me and the raw herbs and andy wake from medium cool used to run a club - we put bands on really, basically so that our own bands could play whenever they liked.the basement bar on the euston road we used was open till late, so after the bands had finished we played records and tried to get people to stay and dance, or hang about boozing ,or just not go home yet. more often than not everyone went home.

eventually our pal richard starting playing records down there a bit more properly, and we tried to pretend this was almost a seperate thing altogether. pretty much everyone still went home. even when we pretended we were going to play records by the sort of bands they'd come to see every now and again. we didn't actually play them, we just said we would in true bastard dj style, then played old soul tunes and some girl groups. maybe the sorts who go to see bands just aren't dancey. maybe it was too many geeky indie boys who didn't want to dazzle the ladies,or the other geeky indie boys, with their latest moves. the records were fabulous so i'm buggered if i know... i mean how could you not stay and dance to this...?
mary love - you turned my bitter into sweet


simon said...

I can't imagine not making a tit of myself to this one ...Always loved it . Unless I'd slipped a disc helping the JT4 get their ruddy Hammond up those infernal stairs ... Love the blog & the Sombrero thing , Ally . Simon x

ally. said...

you were always a lovely little mover! and at least the jtq didn't try to duff you up over huge wages their manager had told them they were getting...