Sunday 21 June 2009

your britain. fight for it now

nothing's too good for ordinary people the gent that built my health centre said all proud and progressive and pinko and gee how it swelled our little hearts all that light and all those curves all that modernist ambition turning us all sparkling and special and extraordinary even when we were poorly sick and rotten. too extraordinary obviously for our glorious leaders who've decided that nothing's too good for private developers and we can have that bit next door that old scout hut thing and damn well remember our goddamn place.

rant and rage sulk and tut

ruby and the romantics - your baby doesn't love you anymore


save finsbury health centre


Anonymous said...

I used to walk past that lovely building every day on may way to work at the Guardian. I can't believe they're going to tear it down! It should be listed and preserved - it's not as though it doesn't provide an important service or anything!

Good luck with the campaign.


ally. said...

ta guv - it is very listed so they're not actuallty tearing it down just kicking everyone out and selling t off


Mondo said...

I've got to see it - my family are from that manor, well Dalston and Kingsland way really

ally. said...

just off of exmouth market next time your down that way

Cocktails said...

Ah, I didn't realise that. But what a glorious building - didn't it look super lovely inside back when it was young?

Fab track BTW. I've never heard anything by her other than Our Day Will Come. Is it all that good?

ally. said...

the outside still looks especially fab if a bit overgrown and old ruby made a whole lot of fine records oh yes indeed