Tuesday 7 September 2010

stop messing about

a piddling eight months since your last installment the bona school of polari brings you hot on it's very heels lesson four flipping teen. keep up now you small boys.

- no, nothing, nada (remember h honeys when we had handbag... nanti handbag is just so much much swisher than skint)

nochy - night (back to b again my beauties and bona... now good night will always be bona nochy)

it's all coming together now dear hearts ain't it. have a treat and give yourselves a warm hand

julian and sandy - bona nature clinic

n could only be for nancy now couldn't it... have we had this before? we must have surely. it's madly close to my heart

nancy wilson - call me



FiL said...

Ooh, s'wot I've been waiting for. I'll just slip on my kaffies and pop down the diddle cove for something to celebrate.

ally. said...

what a lovely suprise. awfully glad you're still about old thing

davyh said...

Ah, Tony Hatch, the Simon Cowell of his day. Except Simon Cowell didn't write 'Downtown' - or this. Er. Hello FiL.

BLTP said...

lovely was only the other day watching some clips of our Ken. Looking awkward sitting in for Wogan but some wonderful interviews of him as well . Nice tune.
verification word is "tizer" must be in dictionary somewhere

spud said...

Ooh, they're bold. Give them an inch and they'd be adjusting your chakras.