Wednesday, 22 December 2010

double decker

one day i really will learn how to to rattle on in another language i will i will i will. well i won't obviously. thankfully the almost unbearably fabulous lani hall is a whole lot cleverer ...

sergio mendes & brasil 65 - baronbao

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - for me


with everlasting thanks to magic mick beirne for opening my eyes to sergio pre 66



Mondo said...

Did you see the fab Herb Alpert doco on Beeb 4 last Friday - catch it on iplayer if you missed it..

I'm blogging off for they year now (but may nip back New Years Eve) - have a lovely dusty Christmas Miss Ally x

Tracy Garnish said...

Ally,your blog should be called 'bus stop'...what with this,and Glens No.9 finery...and another have your very own already,I just love it,one day I hope to be fluent...Happy Christmas Ally.x

Simon said...

Lovely stuff! Happy Christmas!

davy h said...

Like Simon says. May it be delightful my dear, and thanks so much for bringing us all so many smiles and top, top tunes throughout the year x

ally. said...

and yourselves heartfaces. be good now