Thursday 24 November 2011

still craving inky fingers

so the internet is a smashing place we know but i still can't fold over a corner keep my place slide it under a bee buzzing back into the sunshine whoosh a bad mood wasp colour in the os and ps and rs and ds and bs and qs forget just where i put it slice fingers blood jeans (that'll never come out) scrunch it fold it tear it cut it out stick it on chew into little disgusting balls spit till it sticks fan it flick it seal it with a kiss secret message packed in a locket so thankyou thankyou thankyou your heart out crying all the way to the chip shop and caught by the river for your glorious paper treats

yours to have and to hold

and their genorosity knows no bounds - a song each from the bold brave brains behind the pages in your grubby paws

Howsabout this then - it's Bev Kelly with the Pat Moran Trio and it makes me go all weak-kneed

bev kelly - this love of mine

I think this captures something of what I write about

the intruders - cowboys to girls

OK, a bit silly this but how about 'The Computer's First Christmas Carol' by Edwin Morgan. Maybe because it's a poem (the 'zine contains poetry), maybe because it's about a computer (you can read Caught by the River every day on one of those, and maybe because it's by a Scot called Edwin. OK, he spells his name wrong but when I think of fanzines I think of Scots called Edwyn.
Happy Christmas
Jeff x

Otherwise, my mind has just been blown by the new Chris Watson album, El Tren Fantasma

edwin morgan - the computer's first christmas carol

hip hip



londonlee said...

Aw shucks. Ta, duck.

(There is a second one in the works)

londonlee said...

PS: Thanks for the use of your terrific photos.