Monday, 9 January 2012

unclean unclean

poorly and pitiful

horace andy - fever


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drew said...

hot rum, preferably Woods 100 or Pussers and green ginger Ally. You'll be fine and dandy in no time or too drunk to care.

dickvandyke said...

'Learn practical nursing at home in just 10 weeks'. Where d'ya have to live - Cambodia?

Get all tucked in with a hot water bottle and a sugar dummy from Blackpool.

davyh said...

This simply will not do. You must buck up there!

secondopinion said...

Hugely enjoyable programme on Radio 2 last night - 'London Soundscape' Charles Hazlewood and Mick Jones lead an impressionistic portrait of London between the 1948 Olympics and today - mixing voice, archive and music.

Compliments your blog beautifully

glen grainger said...

hope your beeing well looked after lots of sypathy ect.

spud said...

Has your throaty thing escalated? You poor old thing. Get lots of kip and have a lot of hot drinks involving honey and lemon. Have you both got it or has E escaped?

Hope you recover in time for Saturday...

ally. said...

tried the fighting cock 103% proof cure and spent all yesterday unconcious. stupid germs.

london soundscapes will surely help hugely ta ever so secondopinion dear

davy & spud i'm bucking up i'm bucking up (goes back to bed)