Tuesday 21 February 2012

double decker (open top edition)

please do stand up straight there old fruits now won't you and give your very sharpest salutes to intros supremo of the month the how does he do it 10 out of 11 new to these parts.......ricky. wiped the bloomin floor with you he most certainly did. and double quick with it too. top class.

the list of shame for everyone else goes

the eighty odd of you who downloaded the intros but didn't attempt an answer ... 0
kippers ... 0
dickie ... 1
rob ... 2
mick ... 3
davy ... 4 1/2

thankyou for joining in sweethearts and i'm awful sorry for all the kicking yourselves you'll busy with the next few days. let's start in the middle with the only trick ricky missed an all time roadtrip singalong special...

one two one two three

jon lucien - who will buy

oh how could we not have this too. two blooms for a penny...

mark lester - who will buy


you can buy jon lucien records from honest jon's


dickvandyke said...

Great work, our lass.

Who's that team in the wondrous picture? Early to mid-60s, no scarves for clues. Owen Owen - southern dept store? Pic too late for Spurs 61-2? Can't be PNE. Liverpool 64-5? A few H&S issues with the omnibus.

Jon L's a belter and Mark Lester makes one want to blub.

Bet you're all pretzeled up with a bottle of dandelion & burdock for The Brits?

ally. said...

oh but the north end it most certainly is having their big moment trolling down fishergate after losing oh yes a parade for being second in the fa cup 1964. my dad's on there too taking candid snaps and whatnot. there's some shots of the crowd i'll dig out later that are heavenly

davyh said...

I've got that bloomin JL tune an all. Oh the unending shame.

ally. said...

i bet you've got them all duckie

davyh said...

Are we getting the answers soon? Pleeeese?

dickvandyke said...

Of course - no silverware on display. Runners-Up charabanc, like. Bunting and rosette. What a Lancastrian throng behind too eh. And Saturday's heroes sat atop like schoolboys.

Reflections of those monochrome days are just wonderful. The whole of human life is there. (We could sit in the pub and make up stories about some of the characters. Give em names and all that). It's almost as if you expect life to have been in black n white then.

And unlike the 70s thru' to today, a heavy police presence purely for safety reasons.

That's not yer dad at the front, (bottom left) is it, Al?

Dickie x

ally. said...

my bright shiny dapper dad is on the flipping bus showing off. half the players did babysitting round ours too.