Wednesday 2 January 2013


 blimey that went quick didn't it. a right festive whirl. i do hope it was a joy my friends and that the new year finds you raring. here it's as up and at 'em as ever could be. tea and toast fueled mayhem. well it will be after i've done the washing up. and struggled some more with lezli and carrie. i think carrie might be winning but that lezli can be vicious...

lezli valentine - i won't do anything

carrie martin - i won't do anything



secondopinion said...

Out with the new and in with the old. So far failed to split the girls here. More biscuits needed x

ally. said...

absolutely. it was lezli i heard first and she really does do a fine turn but i find myself drawn rececently to the slightly wonkier

ally. said...

... (oh for heavens sake this ios nonesense can be bloody infuriating) sorry where was i... carrie.

Millie said...

Happy New Year, dear Ally.
I'm going with Carrie..on a day when the washing machine hasn't stopped for breath and a war is raging between me and the christmas tree, who is taunting me to find time to remove his baubles..Carrie did the trick. Thank you x

ally. said...

is it bauble removal time already? my how it flies... glad to be of assistance dearie

davyh said...

Oi Mills! It's not bauble removal time until Saturday at the earliest, and we've still some of the Christmas Quality Street left (mostly the orange ones I'll admit, but still..).

I'm going with Lezli.