Monday 1 April 2013


time to step out to spring sweet dears... do join us if you're that way...

here's a bit of what goes on before most folk waft downstairs... a warm up of sorts some things to soak into the wallls and ease the boards


or download the whole gosh darned thing right here



davyh said...

The knees of the bee x

Anonymous said...

oh my dear ally, you sure know how to make a gal waft ... just gorge ... x

Darcy said...

Just got around to listening to this. Gorgeous, and Patty & The Emblems in there too :)

I really must trip up the M4 to get to one of these nights.

John said...

I've discovered at least half a dozen gems from this ace mix. What's the source for the Irma Thomas track ? Is it the wallet punishing original LP or a compo ? The Spotify version is some odd stereo mix. Found the 80s 'Breakaway' comp locally for £20 which includes it, hope it's not wonky mix. Important to me, trivial to everyone else.

ally. said...

happy to oblige dearie
the irma is off of that very breakaway compilation. it's got it's starting to get to me now on it too which is astoundingly beautiful. hope it's still in your shop.
ta for popping by

Anonymous said...

Then I shall have to buy it, it'll still be there, he keeps it under the counter to taunt me then plays different records in the shop to tempt me. Thanks for the info, I shall pop by as often as i can.

John x