Friday 19 January 2007

josef k

from the badge and patch man outside woolies on fishergate in the preston of my youth, shining beautifully among ac/dcs and status quos. preston was a rock kind of town i suppose


The Rain Fell Down said...

nice to see you've got a blog started. i'm looking forward whatever you might put up here. i'm thinking about doing some research on the fanzine culture at uni. only problem is don't own any fanzines. i would very much like to read trout fishing in leytonstone if you still have any copies. and i only have TWO songs by reserve and i'm dying to hear some more! so you if you've got any mp3s or old records...



Anonymous said...

Well, I was on Fishergate recently when back seeing my parents and can confirm he's not there anymore. And preston now seems to be an emo town.

Good to see these remembrances of the old days. Hope you're well these days - can find lots of sites but no email so drop me a line. It'd be good to hear from you. Have been listenign to CD86 and thinking of Colville Rd.

You can track me down via the Arts Council England, North East website - to avoid putting email address up here.


Mark Robinson