Saturday 27 January 2007

the sombrero years

well i was going to rattle on about postcard, and punk , and disco but i kind of got sidetracked and easily distracted and ended up digging around in the old sombrero box and found all sorts of stuff which got me even more nostalgic than i've been lately. so i put a bunch of stuff on myspace for y'all to have a listen to.
the lovely frankosonic has found the bob peel sessions, and you can find them here -
right... where was I


The Rain Fell Down said...

good work putting up the myspace site! unfortunately i'm in a library and can't listen to the songs. and downloading doesn't work, but maybe it's just temporary fault. but i managed to put in a friend request from my 'heartfelt' profile.

anything you'd like to send will be greatly appreciated! my postal address is:

Krister Bladh
Flat 1/1
37 Athole Gardens
G12 9BQ



ally. said...

thanks chris - hopefully i'll be able to get the downloads working soon - myspace are a mystery...
there's a parcel on it's way to you today - i hope you like it.
thanks again for your support.