Friday 23 November 2007

don't you want me baby

poor old richard brautigan - you can't give his books away. i'm not suprised he blew his brains out. just tell us a joke and "so the wind won't blow it all away" is all yours. my dad is brilliant at jokes but i can never remember them long enough to repeat them. i missed out on the comedy gene and got the ridiculously short legs and the whopping hooter instead. and why are those american titty bars (sorry tiddy bars) named after noses? anyway at least i'll try a joke to get you started...

a dog limps into a saloon and says "i'm looking for the man who shot my paw"

help me somebody.

there's more fun packed fab giveaways coming up once i've had a bit of a dig about so keep your eyes peeled.

dusty springfield - you don't own me


Simone said...

What do you call a black man flying a plane?

A pilot, you racist.

ally. said...

excellent. i'll be telling that all weekend. badly.
you've won if you want a book so send your address to and i'll send you your lovely prize.

londonlee said...

A sandwich walks into a pub and orders a pint, the barman says "sorry, we don't serve food"

Mondo said...

I heard the end of a joke on the Radio show about censorship and banned jokes in the 40's.

The Punchline was "well... his Mum scared by a donkey!"

Never heard the build up, but sounds a winner.

Love the Dusty tune - have you tried Chris Clark the Motown 'Dusty'?

Anonymous said...

Q. What did the Buddhist say to the hot-dog vendor?

A. Make me one with everything.

Dusty sounding gorgeous as ever and telling it like is. (Is it me or do you reckon those lyrics might have been a bit unusual for 1964?)

I like the key changes in that song. Interesting arrangement too with the plinky tuned percussion. Is that a reverbed-up marimba or something?

BLTP said...

What's long brown and sticky?

a stick

dickvandyke said...

What did the beaver say when it crashed into a wall?


Anonymous said...

hello ally.

sorry you didn't make it last week, i got your message, will bell you soon.

anyway, what's amy winehouse's favourite tube station?

high barnet.

what's the first sign of madness?

suggs coming up your driveway.

ally. said...

thank you all my dears - i wish i had a prize for everyone but simone won .
there'll be more fun packed giveaways in the next couple of weeks if that's any consolation