Wednesday 14 November 2007

so the wind won't blow it all away

it breaks my heart when i find books in charity shops with messages of love in them. beautiful gifts gone unloved. and when there's one in a book that should be treasured forever however you came upon it it's just diabolical. imagine parting with the present of a richard brautigan book. what a bleedin' rotter.

come on in - read novel -
it's on table in front room
- i'll be back in two hours

i would rattle on and on about why i love richard brautigans books and what they're about and why you should read them but as you'll well know if you've read any of the rest of the muck on here i'm an idiot. so the best thing i can think of to do is find a couple of bits for you to listen to then you can make your own minds up.

richard brautigan - revenge of the lawn
jarvcast 3 - excerpt from the tokyo montana express

ps - cocker does a smashing job of telling stories and there are five more jarvcasts via itunes.

pps - i've already got a copy of 'so the wind won't blow it all away' packed away waiting desperately to be on a shelf gathering dust when it gets back home so if you'd like the charity shop liberated copy tell us a joke and it's yours.


adam said...

I'm always tempted by the 'bookcrossing' thing but have never quite wanted to just leave something worthwhile lying around. I often lend books knowing full well I wont't get them back - I must have bought half a dozen copies of Siddhartha over the years - and on occasions even have an emergency back up copy of a book so I can run the 'not get it back risk' (Flicker by Theodore Roszak, particularly). I like finding oldthings I've used as bookmarks - receipts, notes from work, shopping lists...

Mondo said...

It's the same with Whizzer and Chips or Rupert Bear annuals etc etc in 2nd hand/charity shops too.

'Dear ...... Happy Christmas with love from Auntie Dot and ......'

How can someone unload these little pieces of personalisation.

Don't know Richard Brautigan but will be googling him after typing this

Anonymous said...

Phew ... I'm glad that was Richard Brautigan as when I first spied the image I thought you'd posted a picture of Charlie Landsborough!

ally. said...

i love the idea of book crossing too but i'm a bit too much of a hoarder and i think i'd want to make sure whatever i left didn't just get lost.
i shall be looking out for flicker - any other recommendations gratefully devoured.

who's charlie landsborough?

Fnarf said...

I always think it must be someone who died. Must be my inner goth. Better than having an outer one, I suppose.

adam said...

Lanark, by Alisdair Gray - the saturday guardian are doing their 'book group' column on it for the next four weeks which has made me want to read it again, it's very odd indeed but quite lovely. Also 'The Raw Shark Texts' which is a bit of the moment but is also great in a very odd indeed by quite lovely way.

Anonymous said...

'Ask The Dust' by John Fante is a topper! It's wee so you can devour it in a few hours.