Tuesday 15 September 2009

don't stop

really honest really the last lump of our genre dash this time hitting the blighty/brasillia connection loving each other just like edison & bobby but with shirts on and trying to bring a last bit of sunshine to our autumn rushing days. go grab your cuicas children and cuic along cuic along

batu - seasons of my mind



spud said...

Britzilian? That's a bit of a niche scene. There's Snowboy and ...erm...help me out here. (And don't go for the cheap laugh with M*d*rn R*m*nce.)

Nice song though. A little breath of summer before the autumn settles in for good. I started wondering whether this was another project from the Da Lata / Zeep people -because it sounded like it - so I went and Googled and, yep, Chris Franck and Patrick Forge were involved. There you go.

I'm off now to put a jumper on...

Mick said...

If Wilson Das Neves's take on Pick Up the Pieces qualifies as Britzilian (http://musicbag.org/1545455_Wilson_Das_Neves-Pick_Up_the_Pieces.mp3), is Tony Hatch's Call Me, Bratish?