Tuesday 8 September 2009

the last ones to be loved

lost lonely neglected - the forgotten records of the dustysevens archives. i've found out only recently that i can see how many of you fine folks download the tunes that we adore and waffle on about endlessly round here and was shocked into shame to discover a couple of lovely little numbers crumpled and creased and weeping quietly into the dregs of a brown paper bagged bottle of something awful down the dark end of the street. little numbers whose hearts should be bursting with pride as the youth (ahem...) of the nations shake their heads rock their bodylines shake them shoulders everything in time along to them while muffled shouts of turn that bloody row down are met with a sneer and an oh sorry about that (because we know you're a polite and considerate lot really too). so lovely that they're having another go zhooshed up and debonair and desperate to be loved the gaylads rocksteadying their little hips off and tenorio bossaing those ivories like well like anything.
baby they need your loving

the gaylads - it's all in the game

tenorio jnr - consolacao

and for all you treasures who've already given tenorio and his chums a big hunk of good good lovin' here's a torment tuesday gem of overwroughtness thankyou

billie davis - the last one to be loved



Cocktails said...

Thank you for digging these out again - they are very good indeed and don't deserve to be neglected in the slightest.

ally. said...

you'll be making an old record very happy

Mondo said...

Tenorio Jnr - is perfect for today, and filling my head with all sorts of 'Absolute Beginners' era dance routines..

I've never been able to work out a way to find most/least on Divshare but they've given it a makeover which reset scores for each track to zero. Great..

Yr Heartout said...

No wonder BB Seaton sang The Whole World's Down On Me! Three absolutely perfect songs Ally.

dickvandyke said...

Billie Davis ... Sigh!

To be carressed and blessed by ally is more than enough for anybody.


davyh said...

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I don't know how I missed them...but thanks for the second chance...especially, (ah, you know me) for the Tenorio, bossa baby x.

ally. said...

pleasure duckies. i think the gaylads got lost in my football madness of the end of last season (don't remind me....) and it's one of my faves too so i thought i'd best try them again just in case. and you can never miss out on tenorio

Dane said...

Yay, I downloaded the tenorio the first time around, thanks - it was delicious!

For some strange reason I was convinced wrongly, that you were not on Blogger. Oh no! Please tell me you've got a backup blog for this gold mine!

ally. said...

i'm backing up i'm backing up now

Dane said...

Thank goodness!