Thursday 8 April 2010

mixed doubles

my word but we're collaborative little lot round here right now aren't we just and i don't know bout yous but i'm sure adoring it to itty little bits and there ain't no stopping us now neither not with dolly ol' davy's smiling hour sarah vaughan gorgeousness getting me in a right flipping tizz digging all over the gaff for a lovely bit of factory samba (fac87 as it goes chaps) only for it to pooof like magic straight into my inbox just like that flying from the big heart and kind brain of the very same mr h so i'd best get on pooofing it right over to all you treasures too

kalima - the smiling hour

and then there's stumbling tumbling even on another super fine bunch of pages perfect popsongs and finding this oh so fabe film and notes from yet another of our comrades ol' yr heart out his very self. it's a big huge massive world children but some beautiful things make sense all over it

Kalima put out the Smiling Hour single in 1984, complete with a fantastic video which appeared on the Factory Shorts VHS. More recently it has appeared on the LTM Umbrellas in the Sun DVD, and 25 years on provides a perfect snapshot of city life. Nice story line, too.

Ann Quigley (Kalima singer) as office worker, packing up, headling home, buying some fruit at the market, drops something from her carrier, and handsome guy picks it up, and they smile, oh you know. Cut the night time, Ann heads for a basement bar, where aha the handsome boy is working, and various ACR (A Certain Ratio) types are hanging out like it´s a 50s jazz club in Paris, and eyes meet and smiles take over. Aww. Fantastic song, too. The Jazz Defektors´backing vocals making it really work.

It would be many years later that I would hear Sarah Vaughan sing the same son, on one of the sets in her brazilian trilogy”

(Your Heart Out magazine - “Look sideways”)

and a joyous chaotic great big callaborative ps

the factory all stars play

*those of a nervous disposition may be startled by donald johnson's shorts - look away now*


davyh said...

: *

ally. said...

thankyou mister

Yr Heartout said...

Ah lovely. Talking about Factory fashion faux pas like what one does I am having problems with young Simon's shirt in this here clip and this is a gentleman I thought was the coolest dude on the planet ...

BLTP said...

Nice one love the film although the dirty skivver must've knocked off work early Deptford market packs up at 3pm!

ally. said...

I knew it! the manchester rush hour is darned near over by 4

londonlee said...

Lord, the Smiling Hour had been completely wiped from the old memory banks so thanks for that.

That video brought another memory back too. The big overcoat handsome boy was wearing, you don't see them much these days do you but back then everyone had a big 50s style coat (usually bought from Flip)

Yr Heartout said...

Flippin' heck. I'd forgotten about Flip. Now that has brought the memories flooding back.

spud said...

Storm coats. That's what they called 'em in Flip.

Sweet video. I don't remember Kalima being that good! You're right about those backing vocals. Want to hear the original now but no amount of turning off Noscript will allow me to download from TGOE. Grrr.

Fac Allstars are a big joyous mess. Probably just as well Donald's shorts were concealed behind the kit most of the time! (Although I liked ACR's split-personality phase when they'd interrupt the icy electro-artfunk so that Donald J could come upfront with his bongos and they'd cover 'Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing'.)

Drag awards -

For transformation: Mr Zambella. He looks better as a woman.

Furthest up camp tree: Mr Ricky Renee. He's never coming down! He's barely bothered to come out of drag for the guys shot...