Friday 18 May 2012

stand in

as our dear old ghosty pal is flying high in a friendly sky leaving on a jet plane up up and away perhaps we should cheer him home fill the gaps join the dots hands across the ocean or somethink. and play records as we sip something warming

friday rocksteady

johnny osbourne - all i have is love



dickvandyke said...

Whahay allystar - jolly public spirited of you and no mistake. He'll be halfway between the moon and New York City now. I know it's crazy, but it's true.

Pint of Mild for me and a packet of those 'Scampi' flavour comestibles.

ally. said...

i have organic bombay mix a small beer and a nicely aged sipping bourbon. and i'm in the north west. the world has gotten mighty strange

davyh said...

Well, how utterly lovely.

Seems whatever else has been in the air today, e.g me, a lot of lurve is now.

“Hello? Yes, I`m on the Piccadilly Line. Can you hear me?”

Bless you xx

ally. said...

always a pleasure dearie

Swiss Adam said...

You brought the weather with you Ally. Pissing down in Manc tonight.