Wednesday 5 July 2023



 well a three and a four are where it's at so far... them damn intros are easy when you know what they are... i was going to do longer clips but oh that's a lot of bother for the two of you... not that you're not lovely and super and hugely appreciated nor nothing but oh you know ... so clues it is... bloody hell...


1... you don't deserve a clue it's too easy

2... chilly lesbian heartbreaker

3... come and get your black bin bags (sorry to our far away viewers and heck anyone not familiar with daft northern comedy shows

4... i mean how many bloopy beepy organy droney groups could it be?

5... you've not been paying attention to the goings on here at all have you?

6... one of kevin's beauties

7..  a classic action cover

8...the horror the horror

9... inevitable bank holiday carnival weather reaction

10... how far to the folk festival?

there you go... expecting ten out of tens now 

see you friday for the oh how can you bear the suspense results



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