Friday 21 July 2023

oh mister bennett


(oh tony bennett... going to take a breath before we even think of really talking about tony because oh hell you know,,, what amazing joy he brought us...)

as ever thank heaven's for football (which today's whatsit was supposed to be about)...  i don't really care about the teams the leagues the all sorts expept when i do... but the radio noise distraction of choice is always football... on talksport today they were all what a brilliant trans ally neville southall is ... and in a isn't that ace way.... imagine that... well done hawksbee and jacobs (the best show on radio)

but the main thing is the joy of the match commentary how it takes me away from the grim foul horridness of news and events and rotters and most of the time when it's finished having absolutely no idea what went on at all...

which brings us to the greatest football song ever...  

gordon banks and friends - we'll be together


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ally. said...

morning football a very fine thing... blimey japan looked good