Tuesday 20 May 2008

torment tuesday

tortured tormented and cheated ... this one's going to tear you apart

dusty springfield - i wish i'd never loved you



Mondo said...

I could listen to those swishy strings and muted toots all day. Delish.

Simon said...

Can you believe I'd forgotten that song? I've got so much Dusty tucked away out of site in the racks, and none on my listening post of choice at the moment - the computer. I shall have to remedy that!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Roger said...

Dusty can do no wrong.

Roger said...

I forgot to mention, have you seen this Ally?


mr.kenneth said...

oh my ...

ally, you've sent laShirl scampering off to the liquor cabinet once again with this gorgeous track.

now she's dragging out the Vicki Carr albums as we speak.

its going to be one of those Fridays I fear ;)

*be smooched*

davyh said...

Treble 5, Bass 5, Stereo Balance dead centre and heart set to break, I'd say x

ally. said...

it's one of my all time favourites of all time - glad you liked it sweethearts