Monday 19 January 2009


omis and palones zoosh up your riah pile on the slap and dig out your very bonaest drag cos it's only our bleedin' birthday duckies! fantabulosa!

i do like a birthday. not mine of course but everyone elses most certainly sugarplum. not in a oooh that's another year gone and don't she look well on it way but in a ain't it just marvelous that you got born and lets celebrate the day you popped out into the big old world and brought a big bona bundle of loveliness into it with you heartface way. a great big thankyou kind of way.

so happy happy birthday dustysevens and thankyou all for joining in. gawd bless ya.

the first artiste to get a go on here was the hugely marvelous barbara lewis so it's about flipping time she had another one. if i could sing i'd sing this.

barbara lewis - baby i'm yours


Monday 12 January 2009

back to school

from the pages of the uxbridge english dictionary

returning more upset than when you left


a larger than usual fog


a meat-based fizzy drink


Tuesday 6 January 2009

a toast to those who are gone

too many too many lost last year it's staggering alton and isaac and norman and levi and bo and eartha and freddie and all so this year we're celebrating the greats still with us shouting it loud and cheering them on whenever we can and being desperately desperately grateful for all the joy they've brung to our hungry souls before it's too late.
germs and jazz have been sweaty sneezy bedfellows these last weeks so here's a last wopping great trumpety thankyou thankyou and goodbye to a big horny genius. thankyou freddie.

freddie hubbard - blue spirits

Monday 5 January 2009

ba bada bada ba ba bada ba bada badaba whooooo

finally germ free and feeling mighty adolescent and spitting in the face of gloom and doom... keep your heads to the sky sweet children and dream on

norman conners - mother of the future