Monday 23 February 2009

just you wait

just nipping out for a crafty fag. pour yourselves a large one and i'll be with you in a bit.

billy fury - like i've never been gone


Friday 20 February 2009

duck! ...where?

busy daydreaming sitting on my bony arse and kinda worrying madly about where all the ducks've gone now they're desludging the lake in st james's park. i mean they will come back when it's all clean and lovely won't they? did they just pootle off to hyde park or were they whooshed? i do hope they're alright. sorry it's been a while and all but these things do consume a girl so

the marvelettes - here i am baby


Friday 6 February 2009

you wanna talk about the real junk

ta-ra lux dearie hell knows why i didn't go and see you writhe around last year just like all the leather boys of my preston warehouse youth forever desperate to be you or iggy or bowie dyed and shirtless and so far beyond wonderful it swells my heart still

you may also be delighted to know that there's a kitchen shop in macclesfield named in his honour. i hope he knew that soooooo much.



digging chronicles volume one's marvelous diving between punk kid super enthusiast beat folkster and super grumpy get off my land homebody and for every "bono's got the soul of an ancient poet" there's an "at ray's, where there weren't many folk records, i used to play the phenomenal "ebb tide" by frank sinatra a lot and it had never failed to fill me with awe. the lyrics are so mystifying and stupendous. when frank sang that song, i could hear everything in his voice - death, god and the universe, everything. i had other things to do, though, and i couldn't be listening to that stuff much." well done bob.

frank sinatra - ebb tide

Thursday 5 February 2009

more filth

and you thought lollies fags and coke bottles were rude huh ?

all this muck has got me to thinking kinda well you know i mean i know it's wandering off a bit but oh would anyone really've done stuff with barry white ? i mean really ? there's the voice i know and all that walrus of love whatnot but whover came up with the walrus thing wants shooting and there's never going to be any getting past that beard. it's too neat. way way way too neat. i mean that's going to take forever and ooooh it's just well off putting at the very least and that whatever he put on his hair would get everywhere and all. if it was black and white genuine plucko hairdressing we'd all swoon obviously but it wasn't was it. i haven't the faintest what him out of american gypsy looks like neither but those big bass tones could tempt anyone...

american gypsy - inside out


Tuesday 3 February 2009


heaven knows how long ago this was supposed to go with dolly davy's celebration of indie poppets but oh you know what with one thing and then another thing and then a little sit down and then all that business with that other thing and all well it's taken flipping forever. i know i know shocking really it is but anyway i just thought all that desperately sensitive longing could do with getting all unnecessary and disgraceful. sorry for the delay.

minnie ripperton - inside my love