Friday 26 October 2012

folky friday

it's feeling wooly and wrapped up all of a sudden out there and these nights closing in send me even soppier ... this popped up the other day and i'm sure it must've come via one of you lovely people but quite who and when i really haven't a clue. the lonesome musicers is my guess what with it being just their sort of beautiful. keep warm dear hearts...

linda perhacs - hey, who really cares


Thursday 25 October 2012

thelonious thursday

t. monk's advice. hell yes. i'm also keen on "talking about music is like dancing about architecture"

thelonious monk - ruby my dear


carmen mcrae - dear ruby

he could sure wear a hat and liked a little dance. my kind of gent


Monday 22 October 2012

modal monday

i do so love a drop of the old modal... waltz with me now darlings

duke pearson - the fakir


buy duke pearson's prairie dog at sounds of the universe

Wednesday 17 October 2012

saved for the nation

heavens to betsey they've only gone and listed the forton services tower. i know. i never thought english heritage had it in them. well done you. really. even the list entry is full of glories...

"distinguished by its unique landmark 22 m tower with cantilevered restaurant and sun deck... a new popularist architecture ideally suited to the democratic new aesthetic of the motorway, the Pennine Tower Restaurant acting both as a beacon to attract the passing motorists and as a glamorous vantage point from which they were able to enjoy spectacular prospects of the motorway below and more extensively over the miles of surrounding countryside through which they passing... evoking the modern glamour of 1960s air travel and also drawing on the progressive urban movement of this period of constructing towers with restaurants and observation platforms"
it's a top class bit of motorway too that bit of m6 between preston and lancaster. nice bridges. and don't give me any of that madison county nonesense neither. full of spikey youth squashed into all parts of pete's just about motor to chinatown and diner and breathless and all those picture house reels of wonder and orange juice at the sugarhouse memories teas and bensons and penine towers

now please save preston bus station 

the pharoahs - freedom road 

the full english heritage listing is here

more forton

Tuesday 9 October 2012

torment tuesday

my but it's been slack round here of late hasn't it. i'm awful sorry. just not really been with it at all. much more hoovery and armchairing and vaguery. young gladys at her most desperatest has stirred things somewhere so here we go again...

gladys knight & the pips - giving up