Monday 30 January 2012

double decker

january seems to've gone and had the better of me again somehow sneakily gobbling up days that were supposed to be full of oooh all sorts and squishing them full of something vaguer wrigglier gloopier stodgier so to try and get the year hell another whole new year already pointing even a tiny bit the way it'd be nice if it would please let's stick with the trusty features worn and saggy kneed...

it was trying to get a grip on that laura nyro that sent me swooning back to these treasures her doing it so lovelely and all. you can swoon too

the royalettes - it's gonna take a miracle

ken boothe - gonna take a miracle


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Friday 13 January 2012

pick of the week

germs and bed and the radio the bbc's world of wonders

filling the kettle digging around the digestives and 11:30 in the morning there's mystic afro futeristers last poets strata east budu tones and oh how did i not hear part one...? hear part two my friends and pass it around

black is a country - bbc radio 4

dug out of the iplayer thanks to secondopinions kindly comment tips dear jones guides us about london with all that symphonical stuff or whatever they call it i dunno all this piano playing and messing about

london soundscape - bbc radio 2

and a wet and wild world to paddle about... a creative response to the prescence of a magical place in a hostile world a cultural standing up for wild nature

the waterboatman's song - nature - bbc radio 4

thankyou the bbc.