Thursday 24 December 2015

an xmas gift tape

the dustysevens xmas party catastrophe (me in the kitchen with far too much booze for anything other than an horrific mess) fighting hiccups and playing records...
an hour or so of it sounded like this...

the dusty7s xmas gift tape

i do hope you have fine festivities dears


Friday 27 November 2015

who will buy

here we're indoors hiding from rampaging bargain starved humungous telly weilding consumer mayhem even if i'm not entirely truth be told convinced the aisles of the vegan workers cooperative i might possibly've popped into will've been trashed by the maddened hordes desperate for a slightly cheaper bag of lentils but better safe and all...
happy not buying anything day (apart from all the things we did)

dan penn - if love was money


Wednesday 25 November 2015

Friday 13 November 2015

sunday to saturday

 here we're still tutting and muttering and making oh all manner of disappointed it'd be different if i was a bbc producer/ queen of the world unsettling noises about all that bbc4 indie programming... there were moments i know mainly p orridge ones and more kitchens this time than the post punk one's fireplaces but it said nothing to me about my life... oh alright it did but it said them wrong and missed so much of the point... mainly the we oppose all rock'n'roll bits... apart from the rock'n'roll we liked obviously...

to swagger is worse than stumble is all you really need to know...

the june brides - sunday to saturday


Thursday 5 November 2015

saturday to sunday

we're back at it petals... playing records and having a dance and a chat... i do hope we see you there...

if it wasn't so enormously devastating i'd play this... oh bettye...

bettye swann - i want sunday back again


Thursday 29 October 2015

movin' & doin'

a quick weekend break for a new mess of records for the cooking up a quiet stormers a part two of apostrophe songs to go with mark's mighty fine part one...

jackie shane comin' down
the blossoms - good good lovin'
garnet mimms - keep on smilin'
clydie king - missin' my baby
the impressions - loves a comin'
aretha franklin - runnin' out of fools
lorez alexandria - i'm wishin'
jackie shane - send me some lovin'
chuck jackson & maxine brown - love is a hurtin' thing
charles lamont & the extremes - i've got to keep movin'
dusty springfield - doodlin'
the flower pot - wantin' ain't gettin'
funk inc - chicken lickin'
the jbs - givin' up food for funk
sly & the family stone - you caught me smilin'
steve parks - movin' in the right direction
gloria scott - (a case of) too much lovemakin'


Monday 26 October 2015

Friday 23 October 2015

Wednesday 21 October 2015

sunday monday or always

sunday songs what better day to start a week of sunday songs than a wet wednesday... there'll be meanderings on a theme as we go but i'm not quite with it yet so let's just go how blinking wonderful were haircut 100? very obviously most especially here after a paul morley paul morleying classic nme feature where jumpers were far far more important than anything musical just as it should be...

bring on the trumpet brigade...

haircut 100 - i believe in sunday (live nyc 1983)

more liveness for good measure and shorts and adoration and the very bestest anti-rockist swimming lesson...


Wednesday 14 October 2015

sunday coming

this week was supposed to be sunday week a week of sundays an everyday is like sundae an oh all sorts of things i've gone and got distracted from... let's try next week...

alton ellis - sunday coming


Tuesday 6 October 2015

torment tuesday

it's been a lovely tuesday as it goes but we haven't had one of these for an age and i know really i should be using this song as a let's do days of the week push but it came on in the motor on the way to the local vegan workers co-op organic whatsit (i know i know but that's the northern powerhouse for you... falls over in hysterics) and if i don't play it now i'll forget ...

bob and his pals do torment rather well i hope you'll agree...

the wailers - sunday morning


Friday 2 October 2015

one more time

in an horrific burst of morning sunshine through the mist optimism i thought perhaps we might have another little muck about with this old thing... you remember the drill? nice picture a line or two of unrelated piffle and a record... daft really it is but there you go...

this has been hum of the week and i know you know it right the way through and all the way back again but bloody hell i love the impressions...

the impressions - grow closer together


Friday 4 September 2015

just in time

you know we love a waltz around here a jazz waltz as a rule a modal waltz a wishing these limbs had the grace and slink to turn two step shuffle floor sliding joy waltz but a beat waltz'll do nicely too... most especially a beat waltz with frankly audacious (shoo do do do doo doo) rhyming...

lazy gravy eighties oh well done chaps potatoes cheese graters eighties you are superstar rhymers indeed

direct hits - a place in the eighties


Wednesday 2 September 2015

the sun and the moon take turns in the sky

i'm still holding out for a september heatwave but the woolens are beckoning... c'mon sunshine...

dusty - the summer is over


Monday 17 August 2015

the music is sweet...

well the kitchen record player is quite the hit... revolutionary really it is... and the hopeton lewis take it easy with the rocksteady beat lp has been played and played and played...

hopeton lewis - this poor boy


Thursday 6 August 2015

picture post

lovely mark over at cooking up a quiet storm asked what song does this picture make you think of? on one of my more bleeding obvious mornings i started humming sunshower... a whole lot of other folk thought of a whole lot of other songs... what would yours be?

and special well dones to whoever picked this...

alessi brothers - seabird


for some baffling reason mixcloud have stopped showing tracklists although the song info does pop up as you play but there's a lot of smashing songs here well worth a listen...

Monday 27 July 2015

bring me sunshine

pleeeeeeeeeeaase can we have some summer please please please just a bit of warm even ... i've got sitting on a bench of a dusk tinkling a gin waiting for the bats if nothing else and it's just no fun in perpetual drizzle...

jackie shane - raindrops


some nice people have rereleased the jackie shane live at the sapphire lp so do treat yourselves if you can track one down. on red plastic too.

Friday 24 July 2015

dream kitchen

i live in the kitchen. i'm typing at the kitchen table small teatime gin for company. sounds come out of the phone speaker whatsit or the radio or the computer or from the tweety squacky birds through the window. well usually. now they come from the kitchen drawer record player too. oh yes the kitchen of the future record player...

every home should have one...

it's been curtis and hopeton lewis and blossom oh blossom the give him the ooh la la lp every day... it's been an awful long time since i've soaked up lps properly played them all the way through lots and lots what with being partial to a shuffle and all. but oh blossom...

blossom dearie - like someone in love


Tuesday 14 July 2015

let's hear it for the record players (vol 3)

 and more more more... your pals and mine the very lovely mark and cappy from white & winsome and cooking up a quiet storm fame... aided beautifully on the night by the delightful ms emma and debonair davy h at the controls... ta everyone you were marvelous...

and to take home...

cletus marland - you're gonna miss me

dianaross & the supremes - he's my sunny boy


Monday 6 July 2015

let's hear it for the record players

 the other week's 99p soul for everyone special was a marvel you'll be pleased to hear. a darned fine night out. heroic heroes played records. these records for starters...

and to take home...

rosalind madison - neighbourhood girl

the big a.c. - new street adventure


Wednesday 1 July 2015

hello sunshine

well it's glorious here. i do hope it is where you are too.

let's have a record as nice as the day...

koop - summer sun


Friday 12 June 2015


back at it... well i say back at it it'll be other fine folk doing the actual record playing... songs from the floor from the nice people who come along and dance... some we know some we don't... how thrilling...

and rob's done a new mixcloud whatsit which i'm playing right now and that second feliciano record is a smasher...



Thursday 28 May 2015


just a little bit more soothing and there's half a chance of a full recovery...

duke pearson - say you're mine


Tuesday 26 May 2015

deep breaths

well that was quite the weekend and it's gawn and left me rather over emotional truth be told all a bit queer all a bit oh all sorts so let's have some calming records and let them work their magic...

herbie hancock - speak like a child


Friday 22 May 2015


well in a most unexpected turn of events i'm off to a gigantic indie all dayer tomorrow. i know i know... there are all manner of horrors on show and that's just the turns i've even heard of. from what i can gather it's a nineties night with echo and the bunnymen and the gang of four bunged on at the end to show how at least it should've been done but is frankly more than slightly unsettling now. that singer out of the gang of four was annoying then so i'd never be able to cope these days. and ian's hair... well ... and quite who the high or hurricane no 1 or eat or diesel park west are is anone's guess. there's turns of i've heard of somewhere but couldn't tell you what on earth they sound like but can probably guess too. echobelly and milltown brothers and pop will eat itself and oh good lord..

saturday really i shall be joyfully popping in to see my long lost pals bob wishing them well bathing in the memories having a plastic glass of something gross and probably getting tearful by the time i'm home in time for tea. here's to them...


there's a compilation of the smashing bob singles and eps out right now available here

Sunday 3 May 2015

oh good grief

they'll be absolutely devestated... it rolled all the way down his thigh...

it's all going horridly wrong

little richie - just another heartache


with their giant inflatable bananas

massey turns him... the most important 45 minutes in north end's season... it really was a heart in your mouth moment...

ooooooooh at the last second it's taken off his toes

they've opened them up straight away... they're trying to be too clever there

and he's given a penalty... it's blasted high and into the crowd. that could be a gamechanger. what a horrible moment

marva whitney - things got to get better


half time

the first real chance for north end and we have 90 seconds of the first half to go... the cross dribbles to the goalkeeper

they need to get at least one or it's the playoffs for the tenth time (and never won one)

oh heavens...

maxine brown - gotta find a way


play it backwards to go forwards

and there's a goal at stadium mk...

he looks like a referee doesn't he mr stroud. it's the centre half what's his name your mate...

they've not lost in the league since crawley away. an excellent dink to the byline. he's a very cultured passer. that could've gone anywhere...

lloyd and glen - keep on pushing


here we go

he gallops toward the deadball line and john welsh's beard is getting longer by the week... the lad with the dreadlocks nearly got on to that...

eula cooper - try


team talk

you join us here at the kitchen table radio tuned lager fridged terror palpable for colchester united v preston north end on the final day of the league one season. a win for north end and they're up. well a match mk dons's result and we're up what with us being a point ahead of them in the table. milton keynes play yeovil who are bottom and already relegated. colchester need a win to stand a faint chance of staying up. stay tuned for all the hightlights lowlights sweary swearing pacing about and some records..

inell young - part of the game


all photos by my dad

Friday 1 May 2015

are you ready for this (get ready for this)

there's football on sunday. a whole season come down to one game. if we win we're promoted. i shall be tuning in to the radio and very possibly waffling along to it all here. i'm terrified already. tune in too if you like 12.45 sunday right here.

we've done this sort of thing before...

it didn't go well...

the royalettes - yes i'm ready


Thursday 30 April 2015


here it's hardening off the artichokes and hoping they think all this cold and bluster is winter not spring. the sleet yesterday should've helped. and the ice the other morning. and the hail clattering down right now. ahhhh spring...

dick morrissey - storm warning


Wednesday 29 April 2015

mysterious mysteries

more lost treasures this time something that'd gone and got stuck behind a pile of lps since the day it got bought... well i say bought really i mean unwrapped what with it being part of the ace pile of singles the lovely folk in sounds of the universe sorted out for my dear old dad to get me for a birthday a few years back an ace pile of rocksteady singles... this has drum song by sound dimension on the other side and i was expecting some version version on this blank one but oh such a joyous suprise... now i'm guesssing it's called lullaby angel and half of that singing is lovely alton ellis and i know there are alton and eddie records so i'm going with the other singer being eddie. eddie who i don't know. i could look it up i know but i like the mystery and the guessing and knowing for sure won't make it any more fantastic knowing more about records very rarely does like knowing proper lyrics or pretty much anything else that's not in the grooves... apart from all those ones where knowing stuff leads you to all manner of new wonders...

alton and eddie - lullaby angel


Tuesday 28 April 2015

lost treasures

well found treasures really... i've been rummaging about in the big bag of cassettes again to soundtrack  my proper old lady motoring around these leafy suburbs (i do have one of those snazzy it's a cassette but it's not really whatsits that plug into the phone but it's all a bit fiddly when there's hunching over the wheel doing twenty to be done) and have very bravely been having a go on the far too many with nothing written on. most have bits of old gilles peterson when he was on kiss and jazz fm going on about vibes far far too much than is bearable and going on about them in a funny little hat if memory serves and some have nothing at all and some have things to listen to at bedtime which don't make for especially good b road listening especially at the speed i go and one had this on... the great lost last raw herbs session. gee i loved the raw herbs. this must be from 1988 or 1989 perhaps hip swinging country pop marvelousness...

tremelo set to stun...

the raw herbs - lonely hearted boy
the raw herbs - the last thing on my mind
the raw herbs - everyday
the raw herbs - i've got you
the raw herbs - sun corner
the raw herbs - a path to where you stay


if you're not sure about this sort of thing i suggest sun corner as a taster

i'm afraid most of the song titles are guesses

Monday 27 April 2015


for percy who made astoundingly beautiful records...

a whole while ago now a bit of digital turned a bit pen and paper and stamps and walks to the post office  and a bit of acquaintance turned a whole lot dear pal...

the ghost of electricity july 25th 2008

"Yes, my six week search is at an end, and did this track get emailed from Arkansas, downloaded from DivShare or lifted from Lime Wire? Friends, it did not. Ally bought it in a record shop and posted it to me to rip.

Does Feargal Sharkey approve of this sort of thing? Will Mortlake Sorting Office soon be writing me a stern letter to warn me about 'single sharing'?

This is a Dusty Seven; expect crackles and heartache.

Thank you Mistress Ally and bona, bona lavs x
Percy Sledge - 'Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)' (1969)"


Friday 10 April 2015

green shoots

tomatoes artichokes peas beans basil sunflowers radishes... grow my beauties grow...

in other news fountain pen filled suede shoes buffed... hope things are as springing with you dears...

walker brothers - my love is growing


Friday 3 April 2015

good (rockin) friday

a dear old pal is off on a birthday roadtrip round some southern states so he got sent some elvis records to help the wheels keep turning...

as unlikey as it is that you don't have everything elvis already you can listen too...

the songs are...
my baby left me
i got a woman
i got stung
one night
i want you i need you i love you
a mess of blues
cotton candy land
she's not you
pocketful of rainbows
it's a long lonely highway
stranger in the crowd
i just can't help believing
gentle on my mind
kentucky rain
true love travels on a gravel road
i'm leavin'
tomorrow is a long time
early mornin' rain

and they are hanging around here ... i like elvis


Wednesday 1 April 2015

Monday 30 March 2015


really most awful sorry for the lack of whatever it is we do here this last however long but i think all that gross goop flowing out my schnoz last month was the last sorry sludge of all brain inspiration and vague ability to do pretty much anything bar slumping over a gin ... i'm pinning all hope for a cure on a bit of a dance...

lovely rob ryan has a new mixcloud whatsit to give you half a clue what might be in his magic box this time...

i do love jeff perry

jeff perry - call on me


Monday 2 March 2015

modal monday

oh i've not been well dears really i've not... the jazz has helped... well it would... most especially when it turns out that tubby gonsalves isn't mrs gonsalves's big un at all but that paul one you know that paul one no i didn't either but it is i'm assured him and that tubby hayes... and there was me...

tubby gonsalves - pedro's walk


Friday 13 February 2015


germed bugged infected plague ridden unclean unclean sonic boom sneezes eec gooped tissue mountain medicinal afternoon tipples ... a bit of a sniffle...

sarah vaughan - hot and cold runnin' tears


Friday 6 February 2015