Thursday 28 May 2015


just a little bit more soothing and there's half a chance of a full recovery...

duke pearson - say you're mine


Tuesday 26 May 2015

deep breaths

well that was quite the weekend and it's gawn and left me rather over emotional truth be told all a bit queer all a bit oh all sorts so let's have some calming records and let them work their magic...

herbie hancock - speak like a child


Friday 22 May 2015


well in a most unexpected turn of events i'm off to a gigantic indie all dayer tomorrow. i know i know... there are all manner of horrors on show and that's just the turns i've even heard of. from what i can gather it's a nineties night with echo and the bunnymen and the gang of four bunged on at the end to show how at least it should've been done but is frankly more than slightly unsettling now. that singer out of the gang of four was annoying then so i'd never be able to cope these days. and ian's hair... well ... and quite who the high or hurricane no 1 or eat or diesel park west are is anone's guess. there's turns of i've heard of somewhere but couldn't tell you what on earth they sound like but can probably guess too. echobelly and milltown brothers and pop will eat itself and oh good lord..

saturday really i shall be joyfully popping in to see my long lost pals bob wishing them well bathing in the memories having a plastic glass of something gross and probably getting tearful by the time i'm home in time for tea. here's to them...


there's a compilation of the smashing bob singles and eps out right now available here

Sunday 3 May 2015

oh good grief

they'll be absolutely devestated... it rolled all the way down his thigh...

it's all going horridly wrong

little richie - just another heartache


with their giant inflatable bananas

massey turns him... the most important 45 minutes in north end's season... it really was a heart in your mouth moment...

ooooooooh at the last second it's taken off his toes

they've opened them up straight away... they're trying to be too clever there

and he's given a penalty... it's blasted high and into the crowd. that could be a gamechanger. what a horrible moment

marva whitney - things got to get better


half time

the first real chance for north end and we have 90 seconds of the first half to go... the cross dribbles to the goalkeeper

they need to get at least one or it's the playoffs for the tenth time (and never won one)

oh heavens...

maxine brown - gotta find a way


play it backwards to go forwards

and there's a goal at stadium mk...

he looks like a referee doesn't he mr stroud. it's the centre half what's his name your mate...

they've not lost in the league since crawley away. an excellent dink to the byline. he's a very cultured passer. that could've gone anywhere...

lloyd and glen - keep on pushing


here we go

he gallops toward the deadball line and john welsh's beard is getting longer by the week... the lad with the dreadlocks nearly got on to that...

eula cooper - try


team talk

you join us here at the kitchen table radio tuned lager fridged terror palpable for colchester united v preston north end on the final day of the league one season. a win for north end and they're up. well a match mk dons's result and we're up what with us being a point ahead of them in the table. milton keynes play yeovil who are bottom and already relegated. colchester need a win to stand a faint chance of staying up. stay tuned for all the hightlights lowlights sweary swearing pacing about and some records..

inell young - part of the game


all photos by my dad

Friday 1 May 2015

are you ready for this (get ready for this)

there's football on sunday. a whole season come down to one game. if we win we're promoted. i shall be tuning in to the radio and very possibly waffling along to it all here. i'm terrified already. tune in too if you like 12.45 sunday right here.

we've done this sort of thing before...

it didn't go well...

the royalettes - yes i'm ready