Friday 29 June 2012

keep on learning

this week has been try to get a grip on the beach boys week courtesy of an all bases covered selection flung this way with the all the aplomb we've come to expect from the very davy his lovely self. i wish i could say i was any grippier but still all i hear are those too tight trouser notes and all too perfect harmonising and occasional funny looking gent in a swimming pool bananasnesses. i nearly get it nearly nearly but can't quite find the wobbliness that always takes me or hits the part where the tears well. maybe it's just that when don't worry baby plays there should always be castanets...

ronnie spector - don't worry baby


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Monday 25 June 2012


i like washing up. there. now you know. i've just finished the pots and pans and plates and knives forks and spoons and the lemon squeezer and colander and chopping board and mugs and glasses. come to think of it there weren't any pots. just pans. anyway i like washing up. in the sink with a co-op foam scourer. a dishwasher here would be given the mrs doyle teamaster treatment merciless and ruthless. this stillness and sunshine must have thrown me mind you cos as a rule it's an in the morning thing radio four nattering or the windows wide to the tweety birds almost certainly the only thing all day i'll start and finish. i think that's why i like it. the ah yes that's all done then thing. the last teaspoon clanking into the rack. that and the splashing about obviously

lonnie smith - move your hand


Friday 15 June 2012

in & out

oh i know i rattling on about 99p soul again but oh you know i just can't help myself. i blame the four tops obviously. i'm afraid i do so like the idea that it's something for all the indoor far away past my bedtimers just as much as the troll along the farringdon roaders and that there can be record playing and hip swinging and very possibly old fashioned swilling for all of us.

to give you a sneak peek at the goings on i'd be awfully suprised if some of this sort of loveliness didn't fill the saturday night air...

carmel will be playing this
jackie wilson - try it again

rob will be playing this
willie gresham and the free food ticket - i cried boo hoo

mick will wish he could be playing this
young ladies - i'm tired of running around

and the mrs will  be playing phyllis while i drink too much and dance appallingly
phyllis dillon - leave it in the hands of love

have an absolutely darling evening where ever you are dear things


Tuesday 12 June 2012


so come saturday night sunday morning just around about closing time there'll be needle dropping and girl holding and hip swaying and room sighing...

smooch along sweethearts

barbara mason- if you knew him like i do


Friday 8 June 2012

shoo bop shoo bop

99p soul next saturday dear hearts and i've been having a small rummage...

oh you know barbara sings this number true but here's a version for the dancers well at least the early arrivers the foot tappers the hip swingers... i do so hope we see you there my sweets

the capitols - hello stranger


Tuesday 5 June 2012


the very first tinkle of a note of this and it's a cold dark rainy monday night up the rickety stairs of the bass clef red stripe norman jay's original rare groove warm up hours ready for the lights to dim and aretha's rocksteady the leather boys hot pants and brollies and the london apprentice cream cheese beigels endless night bus waitings but it's just the thing for bank holidays too day out wishing and tea drinking with nothing to see here and willing another sunny day

donald byrd and the blackbyrds - places and spaces


Monday 4 June 2012


the wonderful window of ryantown where it's buntingday everyday

now if you need a glorious gala performance may i suggest...