Friday 27 December 2013

Thursday 19 December 2013

unhappy shopper

i am not a happy shopper. the arndale centre defeated me crushed me left me screaming let me out let me out let me out while at the same time admiring the architect who'd managed to hide the exits so extremely skillfully. the bastard. still i got some things from chinatown i thought were candles but are probably explosives. which is always a plus. gee i need soothing...

jerry butler - for your precious love

jerry butler - sweet was the wine


Wednesday 18 December 2013


the doors are rattling the bins are strewn the lights are flickering (no rest for the county lineman) ... there'll be a dash of bourbon in the cocoa tonight...

dramatics - in the rain

dramatics - good soul music


Monday 16 December 2013

all you gotta do

now you know wee cherubs we love dusty all the way and back again around here but oh my stars i can't bear this song. it's abominable horrible monstorous... well alright i quite like the parping horns but that diabolical lyric that awful awful lyric. one can only imagine how our magical soulstress suffered singing them... gawd help her... do re mi's a proper shaker mind you... go b-sides

dusty springfield - wishin' and hopin'

dusty springfield - do re mi (forget about the do and think about me)


Friday 13 December 2013

everybody sing

shoo doo doo bow say yeah yeah yeah say yeah yeah yeah... there are days just like today when that shoo doo doo BOW is just the greatest thing...

marvin gaye - stubborn kind of fellow

marvin gaye - it hurt me too

Thursday 12 December 2013

Wednesday 11 December 2013

swoon some

for the days when only heavy weight champion of the world shoo bop doo wopping will get you through...

the flamingos - i only have eyes for you

the flamingos - love walked in


is it me or is the bootsale bonanza collection starting to sound like a soundtrack of a film with oh you know that bloke yes him that bloke in those films with this sort of soundtrack... looking at what's coming up it really is. well i never...

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Monday 9 December 2013

more girls kissing

it's time to boost those viewing figures with  cruelly misleading titles again. sorry and all...

i'm fairly sure old jerry wasn't thinking of misbegotten upper crust bohemians but you never can tell...

jerry butler - aware of love

jerry butler - moon river


Friday 6 December 2013

hot good refreshing

fist clenched and head bowed for nelson and tears welling for my dear old pal chris's dad have all struck me queer after a bit of a week. here's a lift a wonderous stratchy trebley lift with a b side just as fine... close your eyes and remember...

brenton wood - gimme little sign

brenton wood - i think you've got your fools mixed up


Thursday 5 December 2013

Wednesday 4 December 2013


when did you stop sending letters ? i mean to your friends your lovers your grandad your pop group ? for me i think it was when i could afford to pay the phone bill. not actually afford it obviously but stupidly think i could then gasp in horror when the bill came. till then i wrote a lot to a small bunch of scattered friends. long scrawly often desperately honest things or at least that's how i remember them and that's how the replies or the replied to or the just out of the blue were and i know because a bunch of them still live in suitcase that's been dragged from under the bed to in the loft to behind the couch to on top of the wardrobe all the places i've lived. it's not been added to for such a long time

the box tops - the letter

the box tops - happy times


Monday 2 December 2013

bootsale bonanza

so in an all too familiar pitiful attempt get this show back on the goddamn road here's day one of i'm not quite sure how many a small pile a gleeful horde a good rummage in the drizzle's worth... it's all records we've heard or heard of or got on lps and what have you but sometimes that's just thing... see you for another go tomorrow dear hearts...

the miracles - what's so good about goodbye

the miracles - i've been good to you