Thursday 30 April 2009

double decker

not just any old double decker neither but your top class upstairs front seat driving the number 38 brushing the trees past sadlers wells waving at the newlyweds in finsbury town hall almost getting off for chips at the fryers delight glory at centrepoint hop off at cambrige circus straight into the coach hold tight dream of a double decker

johnny osbourne - we need love

otis gayle - i'll be around

now head straight over to sounds of the universe for studio one soul and 100% dynamite


Monday 27 April 2009


now is there a better rhyming doo-dah in the history of rhyming doo-dahs than

when julie christie doesn't make me tingle
when i can't sing in tune
or make


you know hell no there ain't. and boy can scott swing it.

scott walker - will you still be mine

and that sure looks like finsbury park julie's morrisseying about in if you ask me. that bit near the chippy with the picture of stevie wonder getting chips.


Friday 17 April 2009

happy birthday dusty

she'd be 70 you know. there should be parades.

the notes in my big gorgeous ev'rythings coming up dusty says this soars in free phrasing flight into a climactic wonderland and it bloody well does

dusty springfield - if it don't work out


Thursday 16 April 2009

Sunday 12 April 2009

essential knowledge for modern living.

thora hird was only mel torme's bleedin' mother in law. cor. well i never. the things you learn round here.

and who'd've thought thora's little girl would be such a cracker eh?

so how's about a sally army version of this next time they're parading down my street

mel torme - right now


Friday 10 April 2009

what do we have for entertainment ?

holiday funday

piccadilly to st james's park

stop for a wave to giro the nazi dog

pelicans, ducks, squirrels. bring walnuts for squirrel feeding. they're eating nuts not burying nuts.

over the bridge and down broadway to scotland yard. wonder if the sign hasn't shrunk.

strutton ground for oxfam bookshop stop off and gordon's jewelers sign and greggs if you need a cheese and onion pasty.

remember that regency street is classic cafe central so save pasty for later. past the astral 8 cos it's full of cabbies and the regency cos it's shut with it's funny opening hours but a gawp at the outside is almost as good then vincent street to tony's cafe for booths and cheesecake and espresso and the best caff sign in the whole city maybe

the rock'n'roll public library. mick jones's shed transported to a little gallery. full of all the stuff you've ever dreamed of nearly. only my blackpool tower is better than his eiffel. really really really try and go if you possibly can.


there were songs too like this that just made it

anthony newley - solitude

at the chelsea space till the 18th of april

ta ever so to my dear pal fred for the pictures

Friday 3 April 2009

be humble be strong

now if vince did gift vouchers i'd be buying them in bulk for the all the fine fine folks who've been showing me the way to a whole massive heap of super duper sounds these last weeks (well maybe not to the ladies. i'm not sure vince's is quite the spot for the ladies so i'll have to find something else for them) amazing things really matt munro and the zombies and sun ra and the impressions and david newman and sugarhill and the spiral staircase and junior byles and ooooh all sorts of smashingness so thankyou very very much. you're marvelous the lot of you. most everything has come from that big list of comrades over that way there but some absolute gems have come in the mail all unexpected and suprisey that i thought maybe we all should have a go on so with a great big dustysevens ta ever so mick and spud here's...

rance allen group - peace of mind

brother jack mcduff and david newman - sunny

jeff perry - love don't come no stronger

give yourselves a round of applause


Wednesday 1 April 2009

this is hardcore

now i know i should be out placard waving and stomping about and whatnot but i'm afraid almost everything mass protesty brings out the most diabolically shallow in me (well alright it doesn't actually need an excuse these days but let's pretend it does) and the only thing so far that's got me fired up was the glorious rumour that there'd be bowler hats and brollies back on our city folk which would almost be worth getting hospitalised by bussed in from the back of beyond plod with big sticks to see. i'm sure it was losing the bowler hats and brollies and buttonholes from the flower lady and pipes and all that's made them get so despicable all over the gaff in the first place so maybe all this rioty nonsense was actually just a sneaky plan to get them back on the good foot and properly kitted out for the sake of all mankind. well i hope so anyway.

if you do happen to need something to listen to while you're chucking stuff may i suggest some of this

defunkt - razor's edge