Thursday 30 October 2014

thankyou thursday

and so gosh darn it we finally finish alliterative week... it's been one of your modern 21 day weeks but what the heck... go us...

this lovely treat popped through the post box all birthdayey a little while ago from the always generous and kind white and winsomes and really is quite the very thing... i suspect the wee cherubs thought the dashing cover snap was gift enough but i'm really very taken with dickie's extended play all round... ta ever so petals

from them to me to you...

dickie valentine - all the things you are

dickie valentine - i wanna be around

dickie valentine - cock-eyed optimist

dickie valentine - once in a while

dickie valentine - i can't get started

dickie valentine - day in day out

dickie valentine - there will never be another you


Friday 24 October 2014

flying friday

alliterative week went shockingly i'm afraid but we'll get to thursday soon i promise... in the meantime it's 99p soul time soon and i'll be playing this (if emma doesn't get her lovely mits on it first...)

robert parker - i caught you in a lie

i do hope you can pop along petals


Tuesday 14 October 2014

torment tuesday

a tears over teatime special for the always delightful cooking up a quiet storm

i've been sending folk this tape since oh crikey postcodes and postcodes ago since an awful long time since heaven knows when since i first clapped eyes on gene's big sixteen and swooned...


Monday 13 October 2014

modal monday

let's see if we can manage an alliterative weeks worth shall we... deep breaths...

mike westbrook - waltz


Thursday 9 October 2014

hello again

sorry it's been such a while (again) but what with comings and goings and oh all those things you know here's just not really been somewhere i've ended up and when i've been just round the corner or caught it out of the corner of my eye or almost waved at it from the top of the bus it's almost always been with the thought that it must be about time to put the closed sign in the window the winter opening at the very least but then here i am again all golden anniversaried all how to be a good old ladying all checking the woolens for nibbles and most especially all grateful as anything for the lovely lovely people these tatty pages have brought my way that mean i really must try to at least give the old thing a little stroll around the boating lake and chips on the way home before her knees give out entirely...

i love this record*... it does such terrible things to me every time but oh my oh my...

joni - chinese cafe/ unchained melody


*i say record but it's off of one of the tiny pile of compact discs i've ever bought. the whole of travelogue is a true wonder so do get if you're without.