Monday 30 April 2012

what a palaver

well that was a disaster all round wasn't it

let's put everyone out of their misery...

sergio - roda
jonathan richman - vincent van gogh
matt monro - we're going to change the world
stephanie mills - never knew love like this before
temptations - it's growing
phyllis dillon - perfidia
tony clarke - landslide
sam cooke - that's where it's at
glen campbell - galveston
jon lucien - search for the inner self

it's a good job this is the bijou lattie of the loser...

hang down your heads my dolly darlings


Wednesday 25 April 2012

give us a clue

well i mean really...

these aren't going to help at all but i really don't know what else i'm going to do with you...



Sunday 22 April 2012

pop quiz

busy busy little bee at the minute so keep yourselves out of trouble with this little lemon squeezey lot... if there's not ten out of tens all round i'll be flabbergasted

guess away dear hearts...

name that tune


answers to witty quips and half an idea of how you think you've got on in the comments. as you were

Friday 13 April 2012

until tomorrow

saturday night and i'll be kitchen shuffling but dreaming of all you lucky lucky people basement stepping to the finest sounds in town... come smooch time i'd've been tempted by this wonder... take your partner...

rufus (featuring chaka khan) - magic in your eyes

have a blast sweet dears


Monday 9 April 2012

double decker

bank holiday specials to shake and stir and sauce. it's all in the hips darlings...

chairmen of the board - so glad you're mine

al green - i'm glad you're mine

oh my giddy aunt


practice your moves old loves for 99p soul this very saturday. you know you want to


Thursday 5 April 2012

local hero

happy birthday sir tom

some favourites from my dad's big box of negatives to celebrate

throw you hands in the air

alive! - skindo le le

come on north end