Friday 31 July 2009

good rockin'

friday night style darlings

wayne walker - all i can do is cry


Tuesday 28 July 2009

adventures close to home

tomorrow is finally take the caught by the river book back to the library day. it's a lovely thing even for the desperately terrified of the countryside and wish that fishing was a bit more about fish spotting than fish hooking bashing and eating homebody type. in a desperate effort to show willing we set off last week on a real life river expedition all packed lunches and sturdy brogues photocopied bits of the valley of the dead cars bit of book and thanking the heavens that the mrs can do directions and maps and paying attention cos at first it looked like everything had been lost to the olympic farce till she bravely led us past 1000litre tubs of hydrochloric acid dumped in the middle of the road to a little gap in the buildings and sunshine and the river.

i think we'd probably missed our best chance by about a quater of a century now that most of the hackney end has been swallowed by stadiums and mile after mile of developers cheap nasty already crumbling wet dreams but there was still someone cleaning out the pool of the old big breakfast house and ducks and the bryant and may matchgirls strike factory through the trees and a nice sit down at three mills's bizarre towers and eventually too the ghost of bow gas works and long lost memorials hiding in the bushes and scrap yards and pylons and deadly battery recycling and flyovers and 'alright darlin' scaffolders and on all the way to the thames and lighthouses and diners. and a river i never really knew was there all these years. cheers chaps.

larry jon wilson - ohoopee river bottomland

roy orbison - river

and there's more - orbison acts! without glasses! has anyone ever seen this?

Friday 24 July 2009

down by law

a bit of sherlocking after a bunch of stop this now you evil evil woman notices led me straight to the fine folks of ace records reissuers extraordinaire who i've clearly upset with my scratchy crackly ain't this just lovely versions of hits for free we should all've been buying on their fine cd packages. and i'm sure we have been buying them too. for dancers only most especially is a wondrous thing for which i will love them forever. and this lot too obviously.

the impressions - we're a winner

chuck jackson and maxine brown - love is hurting thing

the delfonics - hey love

timi yuro - hurt

lorez alexandria - baltimore oriole

king curtis - instant groove

the marvellos - in the sunshine

Tuesday 21 July 2009

always here

so it's goodbye moon for another decade or until some hero or other pops off but we know don't we children that the wonder never stops and every snatched glow swells our hearts oh yes indeed.

so let's pour a large one and pray for a little break in the cloud and let bobby dylan play us some fine fine music

theme time radio hour archive pick episode 32 and i'll catch you on the flip flop


Monday 20 July 2009

after the flood

post traumatic stress just about wearing off happily developing a healthy window closing obsession and barely letting the little beauties out of my sight after last weeks watery horrors and giving a few classics i'd been cruely neglecting a play out most especially this folk funk favourite

ellen mcilwaine - toe hold

Tuesday 14 July 2009

brink of disaster

it rained last week loads and loads and loads. buckets. we were giggling like idiots eating ice cream soaked through ooooohing and ahhhhing at the duck pond in regents park wandering if it really was nice weather for ducks and getting wetter and wetter and not being able to think of another place we'd rather be dripping than just there with the little waterfall and the ducks and all. as long as the lightening didn't get us and it didn't so that was alright.

home all squelchy and some clever clogs had left the windows open. okay i'd left the windows open and it was just the sort of rain that bounces in in huge dollops and turns your bed into a much less comfy and inviting spot than it should've been and your piles of 45s into things that really don't think that having paper covers was quite the bright idea they'd always thought it was and that if they'd wanted a wash they'd bloomin' well've asked for one. and with warmer water at that. so they all had to get stripped and naked and dried off tenderly their poor sodden sleeves dripping and pathetic not sure at all if they'd ever see little chunks of black plastic ever again.

and now all but about twenty of the brave little soldiers are back snug and smart if a bit crinkled and curled at the edges. and washed. and there'll be brand new threads on the way for the worst hit too don't you worry sweethearts.

so let's let the little lovelies do what they do best

lamont dozier - why can't we be lovers

and a little bonus

lesley gore - brink of disaster


Wednesday 8 July 2009

inspiration information

still reeling from saturdays overload of superheroes tears in the drizzle internationale singing moon powered mile wide smiles banners and books and booze buzz buzz buzzing

a huge roar of righteous organ groove anthem sounds like the only thing to play

clarence wheeler and the enforcers - right on


Friday 3 July 2009

torture in my heart

it's that time again duckies for a shameful linger in the murk of dansey place or perhaps a nice furtive lurk in the shadows of piccadilly arches. or jimmy somerville in trafalgar square if you're that way inclined. me i''l be saluting brigadistas and then getting overexcited about being in the same room as the second man on the moon. but i'll be thinking of you.

johnnie ray - just walking in the rain


Wednesday 1 July 2009


saturday the 4th of july jubilee gardens on the southbank one o'clock that's where you'll find me getting all lip trembley and fist clenchy and international brigadesy. do come along if you like a bit of commemorating.

pat kelly - try to remember