Friday 27 December 2013

Thursday 19 December 2013

unhappy shopper

i am not a happy shopper. the arndale centre defeated me crushed me left me screaming let me out let me out let me out while at the same time admiring the architect who'd managed to hide the exits so extremely skillfully. the bastard. still i got some things from chinatown i thought were candles but are probably explosives. which is always a plus. gee i need soothing...

jerry butler - for your precious love

jerry butler - sweet was the wine


Wednesday 18 December 2013


the doors are rattling the bins are strewn the lights are flickering (no rest for the county lineman) ... there'll be a dash of bourbon in the cocoa tonight...

dramatics - in the rain

dramatics - good soul music


Monday 16 December 2013

all you gotta do

now you know wee cherubs we love dusty all the way and back again around here but oh my stars i can't bear this song. it's abominable horrible monstorous... well alright i quite like the parping horns but that diabolical lyric that awful awful lyric. one can only imagine how our magical soulstress suffered singing them... gawd help her... do re mi's a proper shaker mind you... go b-sides

dusty springfield - wishin' and hopin'

dusty springfield - do re mi (forget about the do and think about me)


Friday 13 December 2013

everybody sing

shoo doo doo bow say yeah yeah yeah say yeah yeah yeah... there are days just like today when that shoo doo doo BOW is just the greatest thing...

marvin gaye - stubborn kind of fellow

marvin gaye - it hurt me too

Thursday 12 December 2013

Wednesday 11 December 2013

swoon some

for the days when only heavy weight champion of the world shoo bop doo wopping will get you through...

the flamingos - i only have eyes for you

the flamingos - love walked in


is it me or is the bootsale bonanza collection starting to sound like a soundtrack of a film with oh you know that bloke yes him that bloke in those films with this sort of soundtrack... looking at what's coming up it really is. well i never...

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Monday 9 December 2013

more girls kissing

it's time to boost those viewing figures with  cruelly misleading titles again. sorry and all...

i'm fairly sure old jerry wasn't thinking of misbegotten upper crust bohemians but you never can tell...

jerry butler - aware of love

jerry butler - moon river


Friday 6 December 2013

hot good refreshing

fist clenched and head bowed for nelson and tears welling for my dear old pal chris's dad have all struck me queer after a bit of a week. here's a lift a wonderous stratchy trebley lift with a b side just as fine... close your eyes and remember...

brenton wood - gimme little sign

brenton wood - i think you've got your fools mixed up


Thursday 5 December 2013

Wednesday 4 December 2013


when did you stop sending letters ? i mean to your friends your lovers your grandad your pop group ? for me i think it was when i could afford to pay the phone bill. not actually afford it obviously but stupidly think i could then gasp in horror when the bill came. till then i wrote a lot to a small bunch of scattered friends. long scrawly often desperately honest things or at least that's how i remember them and that's how the replies or the replied to or the just out of the blue were and i know because a bunch of them still live in suitcase that's been dragged from under the bed to in the loft to behind the couch to on top of the wardrobe all the places i've lived. it's not been added to for such a long time

the box tops - the letter

the box tops - happy times


Monday 2 December 2013

bootsale bonanza

so in an all too familiar pitiful attempt get this show back on the goddamn road here's day one of i'm not quite sure how many a small pile a gleeful horde a good rummage in the drizzle's worth... it's all records we've heard or heard of or got on lps and what have you but sometimes that's just thing... see you for another go tomorrow dear hearts...

the miracles - what's so good about goodbye

the miracles - i've been good to you


Wednesday 6 November 2013

random transient burst

a quick tea dodging the raindrops. a johnny rivers record. i've only heard two and they're both wonders. must find more...

johnny rivers - poor side of town


Friday 18 October 2013

but this side is awesome

just another reminder about next saturday's special with added label scribbling. i do like a scribbled label...

al wilson - be concerned


Monday 14 October 2013


we're doing a super spectacular fundraising 99p soul well 3.99p soul this time trying to support the afasic youth project... there'll be dancing. or standing about. which ever you prefer. both even. and possibly baked goods. oh yes. i said it was going to be a super spectacular. there's guest stars galore too like the marvelous mister fish...

and i'll be playing this...

jimmie ellis - happy to be 

do pop along if you possibly can


Friday 4 October 2013


strange days these furious and defeated and delighted and soaring each ways choking back the tears as unready for the autumn as ever
i need rowdy...

johnny thunder - i'm alive


Friday 27 September 2013

tomorrow people

we're playing records and dancing again tomorrow night fine people... i do hope you can join us... it'll sound like this around the bits when lovely rob is swooning the room...


and hopefully a bit like this when mick gets his james tatum lp out...

james tatum - zoombah lu


Monday 23 September 2013

once upon a time

thirty years ago last week me and a suitcase and a record player waved off a crying dad and screamed hello london. well shuddered afternoon tottenham but you get my drift. i played lady sings the blues and the birthday present off of my sister volume contrast and brilliance endlessly and they still send me straight back to the box room and the terror of liberation


billie holiday - willow weep for me

the monochrome set - avanti (ten don'ts for honeymooners)

glorious photographs courtesy of alan denney on flickr


Tuesday 17 September 2013

attica plus

 from the mailbox...
"Just been looking at Dusty 7 and Atticca thing, thought you might like to post up this incredible track by Willie and West, George Kerr production, "Attica Massacre" same track (well very similar) to 99p Soul big tune by Hesitations "Is this the way to treat a girl" and Lonnie Youngblood "Sweet Sweet Tootie"

Fucking Hardcore TUNE !!!!

Love always


Friday 13 September 2013

radio times two

 radio 4 at 11:30 can be quite the very trial. 'orrid comedy dramas in particular. and then every now and again something truly wonderful...
listen along lucky people as monica vasconcelos, marcus valle, deodato, and joyce do the inspiration information...

i've recorded it all specially for all the too late to listen and far away folks

bbc radio 4 - the secret history of bossa nova

and because joyce is such a wonder...

joyce - feminina 


Monday 9 September 2013

radio time

 a wonderful 11 minutes of the world service this morning about the attica prison riot... listen in if you can dearies...

bbc world service - witness - the attica prison riot

and archie shepp's huge rowdy response...

archie shepp - attica blues


Saturday 7 September 2013

slow down

lovely rob's been at the slow jam...

gloria ann taylor - world that's not for real

"Twenty slow soulful tunes I've been enjoying recently from here, there and everywhere !
Who doesn't love a good Soul monologue and The Soul Children sure take some beating, but the line - "It Ain't nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee Baby" by Laura Lee is an all time fave.
This mix is dedicated to the thoughtful record collectors who post their tunes up on youtube, where I discovered a few of these songs, especially the Soulhawk, Eringobrath, Val Challoner and breadmaker99.
Big up t'ya !"


Monday 2 September 2013


because nothing says basement soul extravaganza like a pelican with a beak full of wool...

we're back playing records for dancing on saturday september 28th dear pals and i do hope we see you there... if i rememember i'll play this...

otis lee - hard row to hoe


Friday 23 August 2013

dumb dumb dumb


i'm most awfully sorry for the shoddy even by our standards shocking service round here lately. there's a pile of half done something or others somewhere but the words aren't quite sticking together right... some sort of service should be resumed shortly with a bit of luck.

in the meantime here's blossom...

blossom dearie - let's go where the grass is greener



Monday 12 August 2013

start the week

words and music from our pal rob ryan to get this rainy morning swinging...

"The well of American Soul music is deep, deep, deep and just keeps on giving generously !! Now thanks to the internet I still discover unbelievable music on an almost daily basis - Willie Hutch's 'Just another Day'a prime example I heard recently on a sleeveless soul radio show, how did I miss this one !!!
The Arthur Conley tune I first heard Mark Taylor play, I can't think of anyone who loves and enthuses Soul music more than this man !
There are so, so many cover versions of Impressions tracks, tracks 7 and 8 are just another two - but how can you go wrong with tunes this good !!
You never need an excuse to play some Tyrone Davis - how great is this oldie ?!
This is a pretty midtempo mix but towards the end the beats get fewer and far between and the soul shines through and the great Johnny Gilliam signs off for us - Unbelievable record !!! "


Friday 12 July 2013

summer nights

so here it's ducks impatient at the window the squabbliest starlings (how they manage the true beauty of murmurations and all it's seeming cooperativeness is beyond me) baby birds baby birds baby birds grunting hedgehogs (my how they grunt) universal overblown hairdressers vegetable co-ops moths scoping the tucked away (finally) cashmere hill start biting point rocket picking chive snipping lentil drressing and the lost genius of james conwell's l.a. trilogy...


Thursday 27 June 2013

empty dancehall time

i missed my usual no one there yet spot at 99p soul last saturday busy swanning about and waving and groaning after too much dinner so when i did play anything it was all even more cockeyed and catastrophic than usual... i always hope it'll sound something like this...

or you can grab the whole blinking lot to takeaway here


Friday 21 June 2013

tomorrow people

an evening of record rummaging ahead box packing umming and ahhing putting in and taking out again... this is on the top of the mrs's pile and i shall be dancing to it tomorrow... i hope you will too dears

staple singers - trippin' on your love

99p soul is at the betsey trotwood 56 farringdon rd ec1 tomorrow from 8... soul for everyone


Wednesday 19 June 2013

slow advances

i had my first not in the car park driving lesson today on the road shifting gears signal manouver something something something... not a bump scratch or burst into a ball of flames neither. i have added driving gloves to the xmas list in anticipation of oooooh all manner of motoring related hilarity.

i am claiming this as my theme tune so you'll know it's me you're stuck behind going heaven knows where the wrong way at old lady speed whenever you hear it's soul bursting beautifulness

teenage fanclub - i need direction


Friday 14 June 2013

flab attack

a  radical shift in the stairs climbed streets strode to sitting on lazy behind ratio is having decidedly sagging effects around certain bits of round here so it's back to the oh gawd no and one and two and collapse in a slimy heap yoga mat back putting out zone... ideally i would just sit or hell stand if need be in one of those i don't know what it does cupboard with ones head sticking out contraptions (see miss world above) but as it is i shall finish this small lager dream of nachos and promise to get to it tomorrow...

the pace will not be hectic...

jeffree - loves gonna last


Monday 10 June 2013

start the week

lovely rob has got another mixcloud whatsit up and done and marvelous... i never know a bleedin' thing on these collections so they're alway even more of a thrill ... brand new and good for you...


Friday 7 June 2013


 we're at it again...

do pop along if you're that way sweethearts
there'll be the marvin version of this playing for starters. i only heard lovely nick singing his own song the other day and the first few seconds slack jawed me wonderfully... i hope they, and the whole astounding thing, do something just as lovely to you too...

 nick ashford - when i feel the need