Thursday 26 June 2008

Friday 20 June 2008

dancin' school

long long ago when i was even shorter than i am right now 11 o'clock would chime i'd be dragged indoors screaming with my dear pal from next door and plonked in front of some gawdawful crap full of foul smug nutcases who couldn't get a proper job blathering on about windows like anybody cared and we didn't all amazingly already have windows of our own who just when it couldn't get any worse and ending it all at four was already looking like a fine option the bastards would sing. hell i still have the nightmares.

just think how it could've been...

the vibrettes - humpty dump
digital underground - the humpty dance

Wednesday 18 June 2008

buried treasure

the things you find on old tapes ...

from a richard skinner session on the bbc 1985 sometime

paul quinn and edwyn collins - i like it like that (okay so i'm stupid - it's called different drum)

paul quinn and edwyn collins - it had to happen

paul quinn and edwyn collins - louise louise

oh and i forgot to add this to the long lost postcard brochure thing from ages ago. page 12. sorry.

ps - if you're late over here don't forget the orange juice sessions that are around here somewhere way back

Monday 16 June 2008

happy birthday mr laurel

i'll name that tune in one

you're oh so pretty oh so pretty so pretty and witty and oh hell just help a poor unfortunate out here and tell me what tortured soul sings this belter. please darlings i just gotta know who it is that just tears me up knowing that his ship just isn't coming in and his dreams still aren't going to be comin' true somehow and they never will. scott walker could almost convince me things were going to be different now but i just know that this poor dears schemes are going to end in tears just like they always do. and i'd keep hold of that shabby dress if i were you...

???? - my ship is comin' in

thankyou sweeties

Monday 9 June 2008

ain't you got no bleedin homes to go to

i've read some strange and frightening things over the weekend mainly courtesy of a mysterious mr h. this poor disturbed soul has filled my nightmares with such terrors as 'beach bar' 'chilled beats' 'sandaled feet' and most diabolical yet 'i never wear shoes'. 'i never wear shoes'? have you ever heard anything so despicable ? and to cap it all there's a selection of these 'chilled beats'. whatever they are. the briefest examination leads me to believe they're quite jolly ditties enjoyed by your young people. sends a shiver down the spine just thinking about them doesn't it?
round here we know that beer is for crying in and the only good boozer is a dingy boozer. where people wear shoes. and the crooner is king.

a dingy boozer selection
anthony newley - what kind of fool am i
matt monro - on days like these
judy garland - the man that go away
johnnie ray - cry
ella fitzgerald - miss otis regrets
frank sinatra - one for my baby

for more dodgy boozer treats i suggest a visit to dodgy boozers

random london fact of the week
there are several pubs in the west end that go by the name ‘the blue posts’. these pubs are supposedly named after actual blue posts that once marked the boundaries of the old hunting ground that gave its name to soho (‘soho!’ being an old hunting call).
if you fancy a pub crawl to check out these establishments for yourself, the pubs can be found on newman street, berwick street, rupert street, kingly street and bennett street (just off st. james’s street).
thankyou londonist. but just go to berwick street.

Saturday 7 June 2008

here we go here we ... oh

there that should get you in the mood for two weeks of supporting whoever has the funniest hair. just remember - never be neutral.

Wednesday 4 June 2008

oooh teddy teddy oooh teddy teddy oooh teddy teddy teddy pend - er - grass

so you've just turned a crowd to mush and everyone in the place wants to have your babies or at the very least do quite unmentionable things to you and you sneak out the back door to screams of over ere 'arold c'mon mr melvin harold harold i love you harold and for the billionth time you whisper to no one it's not harold baby it's theodore... theodore dereese pendergrass senior... but you can call me teddy bear heartface

harold melvin and the bluenotes - wake up everybody (part one)
teddy pendergrass - love tko


Tuesday 3 June 2008

dumb dumd dumb

this was supposed to happen sunday all full of random acts of kindness and the little table people leave stuff on by the lifts in the entrance to our block and telly and field of dreams and second chances and hope and kevin costner even and jd salinger and books of films and films and '"the yankees lose so seldom you have to celebrate every single time" he used to say' and being brought back to football years and years after spitting it back in the the foul faces of the louts and horrid boys who'd soiled it and lonesome hungover sunday afternoon pubs and oh you know just stuff but my brain turns gooier every day and i forgot what i was going to put and wandered off somewhere instead and now i can't really remember what i was going to put. never mind eh.

hem - a dream is wish your heart makes

the cramps - human fly