Tuesday 31 July 2012

wake up call

heavens but it's vague as all anything around this poor noggin right now bath chaired and tartan blanketed gin in the afternooned orchid drowsed like some chandler dodderer like some pier sheltered dearie like how old mal plays this...

mal waldren - warm canto


maybe baby

please please please be right little weather forecaster please please just this once this damp and gloom is kinda getting in these poor old bones and my it'd be grand to see the sun again some stars too and moonlight hey remember that lovers... in thanks and hope we offer you great wonder... rocksteady murder ballad mariachi horns and a spit in the jones's eye

sing it horace

horace andy - delilah


Wednesday 18 July 2012

dancing date

my but it comes round quick doesn't it... every other month and i can barely keep up. shocking really it is. in a very encouraging sort of way this plonked through the letterbox this morning and i shall now be spending the next three weeks perfecting my moves. i do hope you can join me

the softiques - two kinds of boys*


*get yours from the lovely people at honest jon's

Friday 13 July 2012


oh for sweeping arches razor angles bus seat slashes...

here it's a wretched battle with untamable brutes... psychotic twins desperate for their individuality...

blossom dearie - the shape of things (live at ronnie scott's)


buy blossom at honest jon's. they've still got that 45 of i like london in the rain too