Monday 31 March 2014

a hard row to hoe

my double digging is a thing to behold you know... there's a certificate somewhere to prove it... how's about a week of gardening inspirations ? 


Friday 28 March 2014


woke up this morning thinking about those suede thick crepe souled laceups all the dapper plaid shirted turned up levised argyle socked black and white genuine plukoed sorts trolled about the towns of my youth in and wandered where they'd gone and why i've not seen any for such a long while. the shoes not the sorts. i see them often thankfully. although come to think of it not the ones who favoured said footwear. hmmmmmm...


this has been hummed tunelessly as i've wandered...

jeanne hatfield - stop


i favoured a plimpsoll

Friday 21 March 2014

la la la la lala la la la lala

well we had a gay old time at 99p soul last saturday... ta to everyone who popped along and sorry you missed it to everyone else... here's a souvenir...

my record of the night...

chris montez - the more i see you

and my dear emma's proper marvelous set ...

back again saturday may 17th


Thursday 20 March 2014

soul food

it's second sitting time over at cooking up a quiet storm and i've gone and pinched the head chef's bright idea from last time and spelled out a favourite dish... cheese on toast oh cheese on toast  i could very happily live on cheese on toast for the rest of my days well the days before the resulting cholesterol fueled heart attack but you know what i mean... any melted cheese on pretty much anything frankly. or under for that matter. beans preferably. but on toast with tomatoes and franks red hot sauce for total perfection...

you'll find tunes like this...

and the whole thing and a whopping lot more at cooking up a quiet storm


Friday 14 March 2014

tomorrow people

that time again for rummaging through the record box and making sure there's a healthy supply of tunnocks caramel wafers (not in the record box... oh for gawds sake...) anyway i shall be playing this... see you on the floor dear pals


Wednesday 12 March 2014

ooooh hoooo la la la

lovely rob ryan has gone and done another of his mixcloud whatsits... it's as marvelous as ever and it's got this on it  ...

jackson 5 - darling dear

the whole gosh darned thing just here...


Monday 10 March 2014


a week of dancing records i think to warm me up for saturday's trip out... i've not danced anywhere but the kitchen since october for gawd's sake and not leaned on a bar hell even a handful of times neither so i'm rather excited... and there's this to play too ...

Friday 7 March 2014

hey hey hey

where has the month gone ? i mean really... sorry it's been a while sweetpeas there's just been oh you know... things... and whatnots too probably... anyway here we are again the spring is sprunging about all over and i've been murdering this lovely thing with my diabolical kitchen crooning along... you can croon along too