Monday 27 February 2012

double decker

for the lovers and the fighters and the secret songwriters... someday we'll walk in the sunlight for all the world to see...

pat kelly - the dark end of the street

irma thomas - while the city sleeps


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Friday 24 February 2012

answers my loves

remember all those introductions..?

well they went something like this...

billy fury - halfway to paradise
little anthony and the imperials - better use your head
glen campbell - guess i'm dumb
shangri-las - out in the streets
sly and the family stone - stand
anthony newley - what kind of fool am i
smokey robinson and the miracles - more love
jon lucien - who will buy
ray bryant - up above the rock
scott walker - lights of cincinnati
richard harris - a tramp shining
i bet you knew them all really. you did i know you did.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

double decker (open top edition)

please do stand up straight there old fruits now won't you and give your very sharpest salutes to intros supremo of the month the how does he do it 10 out of 11 new to these parts.......ricky. wiped the bloomin floor with you he most certainly did. and double quick with it too. top class.

the list of shame for everyone else goes

the eighty odd of you who downloaded the intros but didn't attempt an answer ... 0
kippers ... 0
dickie ... 1
rob ... 2
mick ... 3
davy ... 4 1/2

thankyou for joining in sweethearts and i'm awful sorry for all the kicking yourselves you'll busy with the next few days. let's start in the middle with the only trick ricky missed an all time roadtrip singalong special...

one two one two three

jon lucien - who will buy

oh how could we not have this too. two blooms for a penny...

mark lester - who will buy


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Friday 17 February 2012

Monday 13 February 2012

double decker

the kiss in your eyes the touch of your hand makes me weep and my heart may grow dizzy and fall... hold tight my sweets

lorez alexandria - all or nothing at all

anthony newley - all or nothing at all


Friday 10 February 2012

pop quiz

february gawd help us how the what the where did january get to it's all running off laughing without me still this year this all of it... perhaps a quiz'll slow it down just the tinsiest so's i can at least catch up in time to make a tape for a prize. i think there'll be a tape for a prize. a proper tape not a pretend one. a c60 with a glue sticky cover and everything. these are really too easy but then so am i. get guessing sweethearts...

some introductions

this popped out of the shuffler the other day coincidently and i'm convinced i'd never heard it before. how it got wherever it was is a mystery but i'm awful glad it did

the four tops - a simple game



answers to dusty7s at