Wednesday 29 September 2010

raining in my heart

seven lonely days and a dozen towns ago i reached out one night and you were gone...

poor old dear old elvis we'll never leave you

elvis - kentucky rain

*thankyou davy for the reminder


Tuesday 28 September 2010


for these dank days. i know he's corny as all hell but but this turns the cold bits warm


Friday 24 September 2010

a little warmer

cor but it's gone and gotten all indoors all of sudden and me still with a summers worth of left on the shelf ripening nicely little rays of sunshine waiting for their big moment. the poor blighters'll catch their death. this'll be wrapped in the finest faux leopard topshop has to offer and brought out to warm an early arrival or two come the end of october too and i do hope it works right where you are

starpoint - you're my sunny day


Thursday 16 September 2010

warm up

we're having another go at a do. pop along if you like. or just join in here or on the farcebook thingy ( there's a little button over there that way up a bit there that'll take you there. give us a like if you like it -it's always nice to see if anyone's nipped round ). we'll be playing records and having a bit of a dance and the odd glass of something or other. i've realised now after three of the darlings that the bit early on when there's no-one there then just a few people then just a few more and we get to play records just to gently get us all started is kinda my favourite bit. playing things like this...

betty everett and jerry butler - our day will come


Tuesday 14 September 2010

torment tuesday

oh billy

billy fury - in my room

*with a huge thankyou to your heart out without whom i'd've missed this and an ever growing pile of things. gawd bless ya guv.


have you ever heard such a record? astonishing. i'm scouring every box of small records i can find for the parlophone singles of billy fury. any sightings much appreciated.


Friday 10 September 2010

you're my guitar hero

long ago and far away a great big beautiful semi acoustic wonder had pride of place in my room all adored and worshiped and mistreated and wasted on lazy fingers that were miles past distracted and despite all the dreams had hated stages and crowds and trying to find the right noises... gee how it must be to make those strings chime...

jackie wilson - whisper's (gettin' louder)

Tuesday 7 September 2010

stop messing about

a piddling eight months since your last installment the bona school of polari brings you hot on it's very heels lesson four flipping teen. keep up now you small boys.

- no, nothing, nada (remember h honeys when we had handbag... nanti handbag is just so much much swisher than skint)

nochy - night (back to b again my beauties and bona... now good night will always be bona nochy)

it's all coming together now dear hearts ain't it. have a treat and give yourselves a warm hand

julian and sandy - bona nature clinic

n could only be for nancy now couldn't it... have we had this before? we must have surely. it's madly close to my heart

nancy wilson - call me


Friday 3 September 2010

back to life

i missed acid house somehow. passed me by. i saw the smiley faces and the baggy whatnots out the corner of my eye somewhere caught a glimpse out the bus window bar hugged the milk bar and assorted other happenin' spots but it never took. my 1989 moments had a different beat just as room shakin' and heart explodin'. this still makes me tremble

soul II soul - keep on movin'