Wednesday 20 August 2014

day by day

so on we troll a little shoddier now gin lagged creaking drowning out the traffic a months worth and counting  of let the sideshow begin hurry hurry step right on in humming still kitchen stepping to new to these ears marvin how ace for there still to be new to these ears marvin thankyou ever so mrs white & winsome...

marvin - where are we going


Tuesday 5 August 2014

quiz of the week

i do love a pop quiz duckies and there's a smasher going on round at cooking up a quiet storm... all the colours of the 'bow... just guess those titles you clever little things and no looking up now...



Friday 1 August 2014

troglodytes troglodytes

the tiny wren has been turned up all the way the last couple of days not it's usual get off of my land song but a constant get off of my fledglings bawl with the young uns chirping feed me feed me feed me along just  as sweetly as any miracles imperials pips romantics vandellas the whole gosh darned lot of them... and they reminded me of this old thing from back ooooh whenever it was i did for the lovely caught by the riverers with it's glorious matt sewell wren cover... i'm sure they won't mind if it makes a short reappearance here and a go on the mixcloud whatsit for good measure... good luck you baby birds

birdsongs volume five (zip)