Sunday 28 May 2023

how? what? why?

well cos i couldn't not look at the horrible horrible horrible horrors on the twitter could i ... i tried not to then i didn't try not to then i looked on purpose then i called the nazis nazis  and then i had had to stop before it all overtook me and hell i had nowhere else to go so here we are... it's all your fault horrible horrible horrible twitterers... not the nice twitterers obviously i miss you desperately but sadly i would turn into one the things that ruined it for you if i came back so.... here we are...

sing it dan

television personalities - a sense of belonging


Sunday 21 May 2023

welcome home

not to get all yr heart out and what not (cos obviously no-one can do the amazing things kevin can do) but the original of welcome home is very brilliant also oh walter jackson oh... but dear dear ever sneakily (and obviously not so sneakily) subversive dusty drops the man and wife line you beautiful subversive springfield you ... 

there's an ace garnet mimms go at it too but you can find that your lovely selves... do though it really is ace...

walter jackson - welcome home

Friday 19 May 2023

hello stranger


well i never did... imagine this old thing remembering me after all this time... heck even still being here after all this time ... i wish i could remember how it all works but ahhh bugger it ... take a left a sharp left and another left meet me on the corner we'll start again...

one of my very very very favourite dusty to get us going (hopefully)

dusty springfield - welcome home