Wednesday 26 October 2011

her latest flame

obssessed with this at the mo... can't quite tear myself away

deathly horace and all the serious youths of the netherlands

singing along to myself the jeri southern version

and the sweat dripping

and all those stupendous shots of big chords and rimshots and fat strings

oh boy

horace silver quintet - senor blues (live)


Saturday 22 October 2011


oh heavens there were smoochers too that bit that was supposed to be the end of the evening but ended up calm before storms holding on tight being braver than you could ever be 'hands slowly and gingerly make their way down her back'* magic moments...

i know we've had them all before but they're such wonders...

sam cooke - that's where it's at

dusty - the look of love

sugar hill - that's love



99p soul xmas jamboree saturday 17th december

* courtesy crying all the way to the chip shop

Friday 21 October 2011

clap hands

boy where does the week go feet still throbbing knees still creaking hips hell hips still have a sort of roll that won't quit still feel gladys flowing right through and oh these palms can still feel all that clapping all that applause the glorious crowd rang with after every song and oh most especially all that perfect heart bursting joining in with edu lobo... you know you got soul

gladys knight and the pips - no one could love you more

edu lobo - upa neguinho

the very hugest thankyou's to capitaine carmel and and mick the merciless for oh... just everything

and so you know just how marvelous a marvel that clapping was here's how it sounded real live 99p soul style...

edu lobo - upa neguinho (99p soul live)


Thursday 20 October 2011

it takes two

two sides of me and the mrs's two heads better (specially when one is swimming in bourbon) mid evening half hour mine whatever nonesense getawaywithable her finale sure shot floor shakers... folks swinging to glen & bobbie sure was a sight to treasure too. ta ever so 99ers

glen campbell & bobbie gentry - mornin' glory

the flirtations - nothing but a heartache


Wednesday 19 October 2011

i haven't stopped dancing yet

well alright so i have stopped dancing yet truth be told i haven't stopped resting my poor old worn out lallies hell my poor old worn out all the bloomin rest of me but my it was worth it yes indeed. my favourite of the 99ps so far and if you made it along thank you ever so. for all the poor folk stuck far far away or tucked up cosy indoors i thought it'd be nice to share some of the evenings most specialestest charms and mister rob's very kindly sent along a right little bunch of crackers to get us started bless his heart

exportations - i want you

montclairs - hey you don't fight it

jimmy rae - that'll get it

et white and the great potential - got to find a true love

there'll be more to come tomorrow so see then sweethearts

Friday 14 October 2011


i do hope the zhooshing is going spectacularly sweet dears and that you'll all be perfect pictures of loveliness in time for tomorrow and all the wonderment in store. the 99pers wow the floor from 8 o'clock - i do hope we see you there

here's another record i can't afford but'll top of the shopping list when my ship comes in... a proper heart sweller

george wydell - from out of nowhere


Friday 7 October 2011


a week and a day dear hearts till we're 99p souling again - it'd be wonderful if you could join us

if i can track a copy down in time i'll be playing this

jackie opel - tears from my eyes


Tuesday 4 October 2011

no. 9 excursion

we present a dreadfully shockingly frankly embarrassingly overdue super lovely magnificent seven selection of sounds courtesy of everyones favourite seasider and bus rider the absolutely very mr glen (atlas) grainger

i'm most awful sorry these are in nowhere near the order they're supposed to be and that i've not got the little lovelies all stuck together hell that i don't even know who any of them cept the joe bataan one are by but i'm far away and out of touch and oh all sorts... first one to name the artistes gets a present...

love'll get you high

irma thomas - anyone who knows what love is

esther marrow - mama

lee williams and the cymbals - a girl from a country town

joe bataan - subway joe

you're gonna miss me

kenny lynch - half the day is gone