Thursday 29 October 2015

movin' & doin'

a quick weekend break for a new mess of records for the cooking up a quiet stormers a part two of apostrophe songs to go with mark's mighty fine part one...

jackie shane comin' down
the blossoms - good good lovin'
garnet mimms - keep on smilin'
clydie king - missin' my baby
the impressions - loves a comin'
aretha franklin - runnin' out of fools
lorez alexandria - i'm wishin'
jackie shane - send me some lovin'
chuck jackson & maxine brown - love is a hurtin' thing
charles lamont & the extremes - i've got to keep movin'
dusty springfield - doodlin'
the flower pot - wantin' ain't gettin'
funk inc - chicken lickin'
the jbs - givin' up food for funk
sly & the family stone - you caught me smilin'
steve parks - movin' in the right direction
gloria scott - (a case of) too much lovemakin'


Monday 26 October 2015

Friday 23 October 2015

Wednesday 21 October 2015

sunday monday or always

sunday songs what better day to start a week of sunday songs than a wet wednesday... there'll be meanderings on a theme as we go but i'm not quite with it yet so let's just go how blinking wonderful were haircut 100? very obviously most especially here after a paul morley paul morleying classic nme feature where jumpers were far far more important than anything musical just as it should be...

bring on the trumpet brigade...

haircut 100 - i believe in sunday (live nyc 1983)

more liveness for good measure and shorts and adoration and the very bestest anti-rockist swimming lesson...


Wednesday 14 October 2015

sunday coming

this week was supposed to be sunday week a week of sundays an everyday is like sundae an oh all sorts of things i've gone and got distracted from... let's try next week...

alton ellis - sunday coming


Tuesday 6 October 2015

torment tuesday

it's been a lovely tuesday as it goes but we haven't had one of these for an age and i know really i should be using this song as a let's do days of the week push but it came on in the motor on the way to the local vegan workers co-op organic whatsit (i know i know but that's the northern powerhouse for you... falls over in hysterics) and if i don't play it now i'll forget ...

bob and his pals do torment rather well i hope you'll agree...

the wailers - sunday morning


Friday 2 October 2015

one more time

in an horrific burst of morning sunshine through the mist optimism i thought perhaps we might have another little muck about with this old thing... you remember the drill? nice picture a line or two of unrelated piffle and a record... daft really it is but there you go...

this has been hum of the week and i know you know it right the way through and all the way back again but bloody hell i love the impressions...

the impressions - grow closer together