Friday 30 March 2012


oh jackie heartface you aren't half a treasure a proper first plastic treat i've diddled the housekeeping for in ooooooh such the awful longest time so long long long ago i could probably've seen how grinded and gooped up you were without my blinking spectacles heavens even what you were called and who you were by without stretching you out just past the very end of these scrawny arms but oh my you were sure worth every illicit penny* and how i wish you were getting a play out with the lovely 99pers. boy they'd dance you up a storm. next time i promise

jackie shane - comin' down


99p soul
can be thrilled to on saturday april 14th at the betsy trotwood 56 farringdon rd london ec1 from 8 o'clock. 99p on the door.




the lovely marie reminded us of the absolutely glorious documentary that reintroduced us to the wonder of jackie shane - listen do right here

Wednesday 28 March 2012

get up and use me

i'd go on and on and on (and oh how i do my poor indulging love) but you know you know...

at 21 bateman street w1 or those glorious spots just around the corner from you

liza minnelli - use me


Friday 16 March 2012

tear stained dancefloor

warmer upper heart burster oh myer ...

sugar pie desanto - my illusions


for this and a whole host of treats why not try 99p soul on saturday the 14th of april the betsy trotwood ec1. 99p on the door. hot damn.


Monday 12 March 2012


remember all those intro doohickeys? and that there was a prize for who guessed most? and that it was ricky? oh you do.... well we're all a winner around here and caring and sharing and all kinds of everything so here's what the actual cassette actually sounded like actual like...

decorative laminate side one

decorative laminate side two



for those who might want to know...
dusty - come back to me/ gene - backstage (i'm lonely)/ frankie - the proud one/ dinah - cold cold heart/ anthony - feelin' good/ blossom - mad about the boy/ barbara - hello stranger/ billy - i'd never find another you/ jackie - in my tenement/ skeeter - the end of the world/ percy - please send me someone to love/ nancy - where does that leave me/ billy - this diamond ring/ betty and jerry - our day will come/ anthony - who (can i turn to)/ dusty - the corrupt ones/ blossom - the shadow of your smile/ timi - what's a matter baby/ elvis - summer kisses winter tears


Friday 9 March 2012


diaries out time again chums the 99p soulers are back in action well i say action obviously i mean standing about chatting having a little dance and trying not to spill gin all over their records but you know what i mean. the ever super mister rob has gifted us some more treats from his big box of where does he get them froms to cheer us on our way. i do hope we see you there

john washington - daddy teddybear

messiahs of glory - thank you

Wednesday 7 March 2012

a gift

so who remembers compact discs then? hands up. i bought five of them i think. six maybe. the scott walkers i taped and left with the chap upstairs who had the right sort of machines for that sort of thing. i suppose a few things got taped along the way. then years later not too long ago really i bought that first hem lp then their ep doodah of covers that one with the lovely version of valentines day on and i think that might be the lot. apart from stuff for my dad and sister. oh and that roddy frame beauty. surf. i never got on with them. never approved really. and couldn't get the plastic off or open the case without breaking it. sorry everyone whose compact disc cases i've broken. more than anything i resented the extra tracks and grew bitterer and bitterer towards them with every passing oh lordy how i'd love to hear that. and i really really really hated how they buggered really special albums. i mean albums like collections. like watertown and the dusty lps for starters. things that finished where they finished on purpose. you know. anyway what i meant to say was i've wished i had this song to play whenever i liked for such a time. and then the the lovely davy sent it over. songs like this being out there without me all this time make think i might've been slightly misguided

marvin - symphony