Sunday 31 May 2009

for the children

broody and soppy and gin soaked all week all that songs for the babies leading straight to little green which we all know should never be even whispered of by any but the most carefree and hearty. if you angels hadn't sent such powerful medicine i don't know where we'd be - thankyou as ever

jonathan richman - my little girl's got a full time daddy now

big audio dynamite - light up my life

bill evans and tony bennett - waltz for debby


Tuesday 26 May 2009


for simon

michael garrick - first born

there should be more songs for the children really there should. not awful lennony dreadfulness but the pure joy of little b's poem or the leaves you shattered tearjerk of your daddy loves you or the ummmm alright that's all my poor brain can come up with. are there any more ?


Friday 22 May 2009

it's all about the hi hat

... and the vocoder obviously. but mainly the hi hat.

herbie hancock - i thought it was you

(right click and save as cos this one is huuuuuuge)


Wednesday 20 May 2009

that's where you'll find me

buff up your suede comb out your corduroy set that beret to jaunty and turn the big jazz dial to ethiopian daddy-o cos tonight we're on the town

mulatu astatke - yegelle tezeta


i spy a little satellite

for the mrs to take her right back to cape canaveral however many years ago today being bored and four and watching an unmanned probe launch. unmanned. and not right up close like on telly with explosions and and all that falling scaffolding stuff and that madly slow lift off that you can't believe will ever get anything anywhere but on some bleechers bloomin miles away safe and sound and dull as hell. i mean if it ain't got spacemen who cares ? (although it does like there might be a cake in there which would be good. space cake. mmmmmmm)

these should all be venus records i know but i got my planets mixed up so saturn'll have to do and it's as good an excuse as i could come up with to play some sun ra.

jonathan richman and the modern lovers - up in the sky sometime

sun ra - saturn


Tuesday 19 May 2009

torment tuesday

if you're not in floods by the talkie bit you're a darned sight butcher than i thought you were angel

skeeter davis - the end of the world


Saturday 16 May 2009


just in case you didn't know yet saturday the fourth of july brings us the moony joy of buzz aldrin talking to andrew smith in the royal festival hall which sounds like as lovely a combination of stuff as you're likely to get especially if (oh please please please) buzz is in his spacesuit.
book really fast.


$83 billion - cost of all the apollo missions (in todays money)
$500 billion - what we've just given to banks here
$800 billion - what they've just given to banks there


the cadillacs - buzz buzz buzz


Friday 15 May 2009

oh baby

you know how we do love a thunderstorm on a record round here so brollies ho everyone for studio 54's finest to wish you the brightest of weekends sweetnesses.

dr buzzard's original savannah band - sunshower

Monday 11 May 2009

enjoy the summer


bobbie gentry - seasons come, seasons go


mellor wide left

the shot in is cleared off the line. st ledger keeps north end in the game. lovely one two on the edge of the box. wide for a corner. all of a sudden sheffield united look very nervous. the fullbacks are being enticed. there's a beachball on the pitch. preston will be on their holiday's if they can't get a goal in the next ten minutes.

tavares - it only takes a minute


nolan gives the ball away

and the noise tells you that sheffield united are in the ascendancy . important header away. fifty eight minutes and we're still goalless. the wind is whipping round bramall lane.

and is that the goal that could send sheffield united into the play offs. lonergan had no chance.

beastie boys - get it together


headed away by brown

two minutes in and it's a better start for preston. in space twenty yards out. he'll be very very disappointed to not hit it from there. every single preston player back.

magazine - give me everything


0 - 0

the beast goes into the book. that was six of one and half dozen on the other. he's got a man over there. it could go all the way this one.

gangstarr - take a rest


opens crisps.

it was offside it was offside

if anyone thought preston were going to come here and lie down they were wrong...

mawene - very solid.

the tennors - pressure and slide


and we're off

live blogging with inspirational pictures of pne in their pomp from my dad's big box of slides. in the little room full of records and shoes and beer and just enough space for desperate pacing. pacing being done. lager open. crisps for half time.

still goalless. from that angle he should've done better.

the gaylads - it's all in the game

good afternoon london

i saw that robert elms down a dark alley in soho once and couldn't help but shout " oi elms you wanker" at him. unimaginably uncouth i know but true i'm afraid. these days i'd be shouting "robert dearie, love the show darling" because i do. weekdays twelve till three bbc london is where you'll find me. washing up usually. it's on the i player and all sorts too. go listen. last weeks tunes were especially grand most especially this one...

nancy wilson - ode to billy joe


Friday 8 May 2009

doubledecker heaven

long ago now the very lovely davy h introduced me to bettye swann over at the ghost of electricity and i shall be forever grateful. he played something by her again this week along with a really smashing warm smile of a post that finally prodded me to remember about the doubledeckers doubledecker the routemaster to heaven the even better if that's actually really really possible doubledecker than the alton ellis tyrone davis doubledecker although we know that such beauty can never be rated and charted and catalouged like that but hell the almost heart exploding majesty of bettye swann and pat kelly together is just.... oh my

so sweet omis and debonair palones take a deep breath (and i'll get back to the polari lessons)

pat kelly - if it don't work out

bettye swann - then you can tell me goodbye


more bettye swann and pat kelly records

Tuesday 5 May 2009