Monday 25 February 2008

an incredibly bleak half hour

there's a fabulous bit of old telly about the wigan casino over at watchification
go and watch it then pop back over here for a bit of a dance to cheer yourselves up.(if you can tear yourself away from the other gems on show round there)

you'll find the first tune 'turning my heartbeat up' by the mvps over at planet mondo

judy street - what

and the last three numbers they played every saturday

tobi legend - time will pass you by

jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is all over

dean parrish - i'm on my way

you can go and have a little cry now.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

save me sly save me

praise be to sly gawd bless 'im just in the nick of time out pops crossword puzzle to finally satisfy the sample spotting demons. you can always rely on sly. well alright you can always rely on sly if you want total bonkersness and to spend all day making funny noises along to some of the most fabulous records in all the world and hell i've got nothing better to do and even if i did i'd stop it and go make squelchy noises instead

sly stone - crossword puzzle

and now you've got all the bits to make your very own hip hop hit. get to it.


ooh you are awful...but i like you

so now i'm stuck with stupid breaks running round my tiny muddled brain and there's nothing to do but face the horror head on and dig out the hall and oates records. i never thought it would come to this. i blame somebody else. i mean just look at them with their hair and teeth and oh jesus it's horrible. how did i ever let myself sink so low. bastard de la soul. and it gets worse and worse. unimaginably horrid. i like maneater too. kippers over at too much apple pie hasn't helped matters with his nixon and action biker version . what a bleedin' rotter. i'm all guilt and no pleasure.

hall and oates - i can't go for that

and if anyone plays me eye know i'll be straight on the phone to the hired goons. don't say you haven't been warned. oh who am i kidding it's way past too late. i've thought of it now. steely fucking dan. i'm going downstairs for some crack.

Monday 18 February 2008

break spotter blog tennis

so davy h plays the gorgeous detroit emeralds - baby let me take you (in my arms) and i just can't resist...

de la soul - say no go

i know i know it's pitiful but i just can't help myself. just shoot me.


sport sport sport sport

a missed penalty and a last minute of injury time own goal. bloody football.

mamas and the papas - straight shooter

it was just a distraction from the relegation battle anyway.


Wednesday 13 February 2008

good rockin tonight

well alright good rockin last night. we trolled round to see that nice sweary richard hawley for a bit and he was mighty fine. we sneaked off before the end mind cos i get bored of anyone after about half an hour and i'd rather go out on a good bit than when i've kind've lost interest. but we always love a man who knows his pomades and while we might've put up with royal crown it really has to memphis's finest...

the crowd were an unkempt bunch of wastrels who didn't look too much like they'd been raised right. not enough roy and charlie in their lives. and nowhere near enough genuine pluko hairdressing.

roy orbison - only the lonely

charlie feathers - one hand loose


Friday 8 February 2008

throw your hands up in the air

the i like lament for a soon to be gone glorious scottish dancehall has got me all wistful and dreamy and desperate to track down and swear a debt of honour or something to all the brilliant folks who've played me records that've exploded in my heart and stun me still. there's all my new interweby chums obviously but along the way there's been clubs i would've gone to every night and radio shows there were never enough c60s for and friends i don't know what i would've been without

jackson sisters - i believe in miracles

there should be a shrine or statue or at least a goddamn plaque to wendy may and her locomotion down at the town and country/forum whatever it's called these days in kentish town where we danced and danced and danced and had fabulous hair and turn ups you could keep your lunch in and even when you could always guess what tune was coming next there were magic moments even bacharach and david could never've imagined even if perry como helped. like when she played i believe in miracles. blimey.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

cowboy country

it's gone and gotten good and proper western round here kind of by accident. i've read two in a row - provinces of night by william gay and no country for old men by cormac mccarthy and then saw the film of that one so i'm pardnerin' and m'amin' and hankerin' after some of them there larry mahans in a five all over the goddamn place. now y'all should know by now that i'm kinda susceptible to a western and them there modern ones well they do the job just as good. they're sad and brooding things but then so was them old uns when they went and done set their minds to it and they sure as hell have some scenery out there. after london it's just about my favourite bit of world all that arizona and nevada and california and new mexico although those border towns are hellish frightnin' (yes el centro i'm looking at you). i don't know much about mexico but i figure it must be awful harsh if they think across the border is the place to be. and i'm a sucker for anything with that sad as hell trumpet thing that creeps into most everything around there but then i've never been able to find any anywhere apart from calexico records. show me the way my friends if you know where it's at.

calexico - el picador

photos courtesy of south london's most wanted - the buckaroo kid

Monday 4 February 2008

torment tuesday

all that peddlers business has got me all jazzed up good polonecked and bereted and swinging daddy o consumed by a raging reefer madness fighting drinking making wild love and marveling that anyone with a name like deidre wilson could make such a mighty desperate soul wrenching noise. okay so i've been drinking far to sweet and chocolatey hot chocolate at five thirty in the evening and listening to endless football tittle tattle and having an early night but it's still a hell of a record.

deidre wilson tabac - i can't keep from crying

Saturday 2 February 2008

cut out and keep

vic godard and subway sect - holiday hymn

lovin' spoonful - do you believe in magic ?

bear with me while i try and rattle out some stuff about postcard and me and what have you and marvel at the near as i can think of to perfection in a pop record of do you believe in magic?
it can set you free