Friday 18 August 2023

lost indie corner

desert island discs... it's not anyone's desert island discs is it it's let's go through your life chronologically with the top hits of the day the most obvious flipping things you know backwards.... or you don't know backwards cos you've had the bloomin sense to turn that horror off the second you'd heard it twice.... i'm looking at you oh gawd help us ... everyone... i have a long long long list of the famous/influential/inspiring that would be roasting on a spit along with their "discs" five seconds after i was marooned with them.... this is the kind of fuckery my insomniac ruined noggin grasps at to blank out the true terrors it really wants to get into through all the wriggling hours so i'm forever grateful... everyone really knows the desert island discs are impossible to choose... it might even be better to have no songs than just eight... and besides all the ones you truly love every scratch and crackle and 1234 are always there to whistle and to bawl.... but... if really pressed i'd want things i've still not ever quite got to grips with... the jazzers that go deeper than i've ever dared... the swingers that the words still escape me after a million goes.and a hipswaying fringe flicking tremelo trembler to boot...

the raw herbs - so wired 


Monday 14 August 2023

modal monday

another of the astounding wonders hiding in the huge pile of astounding wonders shared by the long gone inspiration informationers ... could've been a wordless wednesday smash but hell at my age who can wait till wednesday? 

wishing you every comfort petals

yusef lateef - titoro


Friday 4 August 2023

beat girl

am i the last to know?  all those times at the stockport vintage village scooter rally full of fat anything but modernists (apart from a handful of beautiful old dandies) with their xxxl parkas full of patches of groups they've forgotten stood against everything they've turned into .... as we sneered and played impressions records when they asked if we'd got any "mod music" it turned out one of those patches was even more astoundingly amazingly revolutionary than they (and me) could ever have imagined... and the wankers would've hated it... 

that beat girl beat logo ... the girl pictured dancing with prince buster... brigitte bond... a trans woman...

how absolutely wonderful

gawd how i wish i'd known all those years ago

how absolutely wonderful

she even had a record out on blue beat... this is the b-side...

brigitte bond - oh! yeah baby

all this revelationary/revolutionary news is all down to the amazing work of miss upsetter... watch and learn dear hearts...

(still can't get the enbed thing to work... bugger)

oh and seeing as it's you here's the beat off the c81 cassette...

the beat - twist and crawl (dub)