Sunday 31 October 2010

night and day

welcolme to winter chucky eggs dark dark nights and toggled up duffles and the fire going in the little front bit of the red lion and up early mornings to grab the light. it's getting unsettlingly old lady round these parts wriggling as soon as the sun's up strained ears hoping for the scarcest passing tweetiness crumbs out the skylight just in case. there'll be housecoats and headscarves before we know it. and my dad's old folkies.

tom paxton - i give you the morning


Friday 29 October 2010

more love

gather round gather round you're just in time for another in our people get ready 99p soul warmer upper sessions to get you lean and limber prepared and perfected for a small do if you're braving the elements or kitchen shuffle if you're staying tucked up and toasty right there at home. whichever wherever the always fragrant carmel will keep us beaming... take it away my dear

nothing rare here at all but nowt wrong with that.... come and hear them at 99p where they work out at less than 15p each. and think what else is in store from ally, rob and mick…

the dells - wear it on our face

love so much of the dells output but this just might be my favourite. all those sumptuously uplifting vocals but also that weird out-of-tune piano at the beginning that sounds like a drunken monkey lurching across the ivories. psychosoul. but kind of prefer it to that psychadelic phase the Temptations went through...

smokey robinson and the miracles - more love

more joy. how marv is this? first tchoon I ever played to a dancefloor. around 27 years ago and I’m still rubbish at remembering to cue the next record when I'm enjoying the last. and if I do remember, it's probably on the wrong speed...

sisters love - give me your love

what can be said? fulsome sophisticated big-band disco-gorgeousness from these lovely gals. lost this for ages; thank the lordy for honest jon's.

tyrone davis - can I change my mind?

no you can't, tyrone, it's just toooo doggone late but we're all rooting for you, anyway. one of my favourite male vocalists. he might not have the greatest range but who cares, when he has such bucketfuls of…awwwwww....

jackie wilson - you got me walkin'

breakfast in the morning...? oooo, so good. can't name my fave jackie but this one’s just beautiful and very underrrrated. i think. and it's such a lovely stroll. yeah, yeah, yeah, o baby.

the esquires - get on up

"We're gonna do the monkey, the philly dog too, we're gonna do the jerk, just me and you". get on up if you aren't already. there's a site called where they'll teach you the monkey and the jerk. but if you know how to do the philly dog, too, come and show us at the next 99p. i'm thinking it's like a chilli dog but hotter.

the emotions - blind alley

so many great emotions tracks but this is my fave. another amazing beginning, so laid-back (and so sampled by the babies) but then erupts into such a dream of a soulful warning. you've got a smooth conversation but...basically, right, you're runnin' up a blind alley...


99p soul happens on the 13th of november at the betsy trotwood, farringdon rd ec1. 99p on the door.

Monday 25 October 2010

for reg

could the great voices of the world stop bloody dying now please.

the action - since i lost my baby

the action - baby you got it

i can't believe anyone could've survived without this in their record pile but if you've managed somehow you'll wander how. buy now.

Friday 22 October 2010

wide open ears

a bad week all round i think we'll all agree. attacks all round and the rotten loss of another pioneer but i like to think that radio four slipped in a raised fists however subtely hidden in woman's hour and desert island discs plummy tones and all but michael mansfield and especially gareth peirce drop bombs that've had me mulling and grumbling since. sorry the woman's hour doodah is only websitery - i dithered too long to grab the bloody podcast and it really is worth a listen. i'll be hoping the library can still afford to get me her book dispatches from the dark side although i think i'll probably be too scared to read it. and i forgave mansfield's floyd the first whisper of lkj. stay tuned.

gareth peirce on woman's hour

desert island discs - michael mansfield

if you managed all that you'll deserve a studio oner for skanking as you seeth

delroy wilson - i want justice

and ari's anthem just in case you've never had the pleasure

the slits - typical girls

create and rebel dear hearts

Tuesday 19 October 2010

we party heavy up heah

okay okay so the 99p soul build up proper starts now now now the new shoes are getting worn in the everything else to go with them is still a shopping hater's nightmare to come the invites are sent and it's time to welcome cutter outer extraordinaire and all round brave little soldier (not even pneumonia can stop him wowing a crowd oh no no no) hot from ryantown mister rob ryan is very flipping self... dancing away at top speed...

"these 7's are my fave sounds today, they might not be tomorrow, but right here in the now they are !! I dont know what a Sadity Lady is and I'm a bit horrified that I'm buying very jazzy sounding disco records by a band called TEAKWOOD !! and It's a bad feeling is the saddest reord I've ever got down to, the musical equivilent of the movie 'Precious', "Hold your head up like a barnyard strut - one day little girl you'll come out of the rut""

it's a bad feeling - mixed sugar - fgs
sadity lady - clarence mann - flower's records
suddenly you're my life - teakwood - encore

"Who were the people that made these records, these things of heartbreaking beauty, not knowing facts imagination comes to the fore ! I see the Sherrell Brothers on stage, one sings one plays the guitar constantly at war with each other to take control of the song - both win - it's the greatest draw ever known !
And Windy City from the Windy City, well, they just came to party."
the price - sherrell brothers - currison
we party heavy up in heah - windy city - innovation II

"Yowsah yowsah yowsah !!

Ralph rocks the gals at Ryantown HQ so much that we have to put some water on their funky shoes to cool them off ! and as for Christian Plicque, well it has all ! That is if you like records with whispering in them, flute solos and continual use of the word 'Foxy', does this make me a sexist jazzersizin' creep....well what can I say - guilty as charged !"
cool off the floor - ralph young - goldband
hot foxy woman - christian plicque - lacam

or you can have a lovely all crammed together in happy cosy bundle version

rob ryan's magnificent seven

do pop along if you like. it'd be lovely to see you


Saturday 16 October 2010

hanging on a memory

cry and wail children loud and long cos now we're another huge voice down. it's sounding like the sadder everytime phone calls to my dad round here these days always another funeral and another and another friends neighbours the lovely woman who ran the photo library ken from round the corner solomon and general johnson. go play your beautiful blue invictuses my dears then play them all again

chairmen of the board - when will she tell me she needs me

chairmen of the board - all we need is understanding


Friday 15 October 2010

be mine tonight

busy getting nowhere nowhere the whole day through all a bit befuddled and what have you. a small half with elvis helped no end. he does get a bit rowdy when he's had a few mind

elvis - surrender (torna a surriento)

glorious photo of the black horse,preston by george d. thompson

Monday 11 October 2010

oh my my

well you'd better listen my sisters and brothers... go easy solomon dear heart


Friday 1 October 2010

she's so modern

very occasionally very very very occasionally an almost nearly sorta kinda panic sets in my poor crumpled noggin bout the total absolute complete not a sausage of new with it happening right now sounds spinning about our little ol' lattie. there's not even been the fab latest release from some old soak even older than my old bones. no reformations here no sir. and i worry bout nostalgia. retro is such an ugly word and i know it could get stenciled in some last used on some only made seven episodes in 1973 cop show font on my front door way past easily. big and unscrubable. but i'm done with the new. i know it. i'd feel like a phony. and we know there's nothing worse. i miss it and all you know that thrill that insiderness that saturday morning rush soul jazz to rough trade to selectadisc to heaven knows where that knowing you're on it got it with it miles ahead ever moving forwardness but i've not been since oooooooh a long time ago really. a scary long time now it hits. turntablists drums and basses or some such a last real gasp and i worry that that too was really just the start of phonyisms not true love not real. there's always the fanclubs and the labs and the jills and erykahs and angies and beasties and all but even those treasures are in the mists somewhere not true to the now somehow. so i guess i'm heading back. but not to nostalgia. not retro. with greedy ears and shiny spectacles ever moving forward (only backwards)

smokey robinson and the miracles - i'll try something new

young disciples - step right on (promo)

jill scott - be ready