Monday 30 May 2011


the schedule's getting stretched squeezed and ever so close to snapping up and at 'em all over the goddamn place this week desperate to get lost in the divinest of crooning... go romantics

ruby and the romantics - daydreaming


Thursday 26 May 2011


presenting the new patron saint of dustysevens the most fantabulosa ever so bold swinging spectacular little jackie shane... oh my giddy aunt...

jackie shane - any other way

oh just look at the sweetheart go

with the most hugely grateful thankyous to mr kenneth and the radio shirley contingent for introducing me to such a heavenly soul. you're a star mr k.

to the forever fabe queer music heritagers for so much more

the cbc radio for a whole hours worth of celebration i got mine : the story of jackie shane (go listen dearies)

to derek's daily for stand up straight and tall on 45


Friday 20 May 2011


this beautiful treasure somehow ended up stuck in a bag at last saturday's super soul soiree so didn't get its big moment its exploding the crowd its whoops and roars. instead it got a shoddy boozy fumble and dribbled with lager so with the crispest of salutes to the fine folks what made it such a lovely do and an oh milton how could i we'll have another go now...

milton nascimento - tudo que voce podia ser


Thursday 19 May 2011


fisted by kenny.

aretha - save me


oooooooohh johnny johnny johnny

sun shining in the suburban north squirrels dangling off of the tattered bird feeder ducks in the shade washing hung and find that dappled dream of yours rattling round my noggin twanging strings and dire attempts at accents and the only johnny rivers song i know and love. what else is there? where do i start? or is it just that this is jimmy webb? do tell dear pals. and sing along.

johnny rivers - do what you gotta do


Tuesday 10 May 2011

torment tuesday

little girl it's only you...

cam cameron - they say


from the always heavenly rob ryan record box... dancing with tears in our eyes

Monday 9 May 2011

the view from her room

gee but i do adore the post office tower. well i say do adore and i know i do still deep in at the right angle the awe and wonder and well wonder just whirls me around and i know i'm being precious and snooty and spoilt but...

oh heavens where does the time go eighteen months ago the scaffolding came off and fireworks and awful and dreadful outside my window and i cried my little heart out wept stupid and nights and nights after with the curtains tight

and now still it counts us down wishes us happy and i shake a fist at the cheapness the smallness the bloody nerve

terry callier - look at me now


Friday 6 May 2011

seven days is too long

...oh alright eight days eight days eight days till 99p soul day comes around again. it's crept right up sneaky so now i'm underprepared and overexcited all of a tizz and all over the place and that's before i haven't got a stitch to wear chaos breaks out

some holland dozier holland meet dionne warwick glorious gloriousness should steady the nerves

do pop along if you're that way inclined honeybunches

dionne warwicke - you're gonna need me



i thought that warwick was spelled warwick but on my lp of this it's warwicke so that's why it's warwicke up there too even if we all know it's wrong

Monday 2 May 2011

bank holiday bossa

here we go again... cheer along children

elis regina e zimbo trio - zambi

and what a sleeve huh? there's a lovely book full of them the soul jazzers have just put out ( well i say just put out it was flipping months ago but i'm a little behind) with a couple of companion compilations that'll bossa you up good and proper. i can feel a little series coming on...

i do hope it's sunny where you are - we're off to see a windmill