Friday 27 November 2015

who will buy

here we're indoors hiding from rampaging bargain starved humungous telly weilding consumer mayhem even if i'm not entirely truth be told convinced the aisles of the vegan workers cooperative i might possibly've popped into will've been trashed by the maddened hordes desperate for a slightly cheaper bag of lentils but better safe and all...
happy not buying anything day (apart from all the things we did)

dan penn - if love was money


Wednesday 25 November 2015

Friday 13 November 2015

sunday to saturday

 here we're still tutting and muttering and making oh all manner of disappointed it'd be different if i was a bbc producer/ queen of the world unsettling noises about all that bbc4 indie programming... there were moments i know mainly p orridge ones and more kitchens this time than the post punk one's fireplaces but it said nothing to me about my life... oh alright it did but it said them wrong and missed so much of the point... mainly the we oppose all rock'n'roll bits... apart from the rock'n'roll we liked obviously...

to swagger is worse than stumble is all you really need to know...

the june brides - sunday to saturday


Thursday 5 November 2015

saturday to sunday

we're back at it petals... playing records and having a dance and a chat... i do hope we see you there...

if it wasn't so enormously devastating i'd play this... oh bettye...

bettye swann - i want sunday back again